Isaac Alvindross

King's Crier, Colonel of Aruclam's Army, Aruclam City Councilman


This 6’4” man has the posture most envy. His body is of perfect shape and the Aruclam armor he wears looks as though it were made for him. His face is stern with a frown; smiles are rare on his rough muzzle. His black hair comes down to his eyebrows and then splits, going around his eyes and resting at ear-length. The rest of his hair has the same length, but is often flat from his helmet. His eyes are brown and intimidating, always watching those around him yet he seems calm. The light purple armor he wears is ornamental breastplate that seems to hinder him less then others. The symbol of Aruclam (A view looking up at a red hawk with its wings spread and a purple shield on its chest) covers his chest plate and the forehead of his helmet. The helmet has a wide opening for his face and has a red mo hawk of feathers six inches high. His weapon is a black hilted, white bladed great sword that is meant to represent his faith in Blaine.


The man most in Aruclam fear sits atop the world. For five years now this 40 year old soldier has been known as the King’s Crier. Two years ago, King Heaven Kross III fell ill with an unknown dark disease that is said to be incurable. From his bed, he tells Colonel Alvindross his wishes and decrees and it is he who announces them to the city. But his aura has most guessing that these orders have been twisted, planting his own agenda into them. The lack of trust in this man may stem from his history with Davos Wellvin.

Isaac grew up in the southeast slums of Aruclam, working at a very young age bringing ale to the embassy. His father may have been a nobody, but everyone in these slums thought he was a king among them. Holdon Alvindross was a moonshiner who provider cheap beer for the locals and much more expensive cheap liquor for those at the embassy. The taste of it was often hidden by a wizard that Holdon paid named Rimac Wellvin, Davos’ father. Rimac would cast a spell on it, improving the taste and begging the rich visitors to have some more. The partnership turned ugly though when several ambassadors from Cassalwolf, a city in Northern Briom (Where Rimac is from), showed up in Aruclam. Though they came on friendly terms, Rimac was convinced that they were out to get him. Rimac came to Holden with a request. He asked for permission to poison the ale being sent to Calvaith Sissoc (cal-vayth sis-sock), Hidianka Kekin (Hid-ee-onka kek-in), and Tatin Ipessuh (Tah-tin ih-pess-uh), the three ambassadors from Cassalwolf. Holden immediately said no, fearing they would get caught, and pondered if Rimac had lost his cool in the heat of the moment. Rimac was a noble man who may have been earning a living scamming the rich, but a spineless killer he was not. But something about these three tore away his honor and he poisoned the ale anyway.

The one delivering the ale that day was young Isaac who had never been late with his deliveries nor had he ever brought them to the wrong establishment. Unfortunately on that day, fate seemed to be out to ruin two reputations. Isaac delivered the alcohol to the private residence of the dwarven Pelor cleric Vabom Lurn (vuh-bohm learn), a known rival of Holden. Vabom did not know Isaac and assumed it to be a gift from a fellow cleric. He drank it down like water and collapsed on his way to his Pelor temple seeking help.

Once word was out that Holden Alvindross had delivered poisoned ale to his critic, the moonshine business went to hell. Holden blamed Issac for not paying attention. Isaac claimed Rimac had told him to deliver it to the cleric. Rimac said Isaac poisoned it because Vabom’s son was teasing him in school. The few workers who brewed the ale snuck away fearing the business was gone. But the bar owners from the embassy district saw no lose of business from the scandal and demanded Holden continue. He tried to recruit everyone back, but all, including Rimac, were done with him. He began hiring children and bums just to keep up with demands, but it was no use. The ale that foreigners had come to taste was gone with the magic of Rimac. For most, this would mean pack up and try elsewhere, but the embassy had a mission to keep all visitors satisfied. The rotten bar owners had Holden hunted down and arrested for a breach of contract, one that was illegal. But legality had nothing to do with keeping foreign countries happy. When he left jail, he was told to start over, but he refused. Once the public lost interest in the scandal, the owners got nasty. They began stalking him and started rumors. They even kidnapped Isaac who was eventually placed in an orphanage, never to see his father ever again.

The whole ordeal left Isaac scarred and depressed. He blamed Rimac and his obnoxious son, Davos, for everything. While in the orphanage, he began to study and train. His kidnappers forgot about him, which angered him even more. He was numb; it was abuse of power and nothing more. The bar owners were immune from the law, the kidnappers had no responsibility, and Davos knew he was the most important member of the moon shinning business. When Isaac left the orphanage at 18, he joined the Aruclam militia and quickly became known as a whistle blower. His strength, faith in Yuanini, ability to withstand corruption, story of rags-to-riches, and ability to lead made him popular among everyone except for his peers in the army. The commanding officers saw the danger of him within the armed men and raised his rank to place him in a more suitable job and to keep him from harm. But the only place safe for him was out of the army, which Isaac refused to abandon.

After achieving colonel, the King’s Crier mysteriously died and the position opened. Isaac, without guidance, took the position and all parties were satisfied with him finally leaving the armed forces. For 4 years he sat there with public support, but in his fifth year, and the King’s second year of sickness, Colonel Alvindross became edgy and violent. Some say it was him cracking under the pressure, while other’s, including Isaac himself, claim it was because of the curse placed on his family by Rimac. Though Isaac may hate the wizard for what he’s done, and though people may say Isaac is finally corrupting, and though the king lays vulnerable to attack, Colonel Alvindross remains honorable and in command.

Isaac Alvindross

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