Tileer Ukworn

Tih-leer Ook-worn


Tougher and thicker than a normal drow, most think he may have had human or angel blood in him. His ragged hair is white with light gray streaks and swirls in it. His bony face is gaunt and usually bears a frown. He wears double buttoned ornate suits that are either all black or white with his longsword on his side. He stands tall and straight with his right hand resting on his sword’s hilt.


Fallen Angel

A drow said to have been given the blood of Corellon Larethian, Tileer is the only drow to ever become an angel. He achieved this feat after coming across an avatar of the elven god. The avatar, full of hate for the dark elves, sensed a bit of remorse in Tileer for his past, whatever that entailed. Tileer gave little fight against the enlightened future the avatar brought and was taken into Heaven, where he was blessed with wings.

After decades of proving his loyalty to Corellon, Tileer was given a task by Pelor he did not understand. One of the infamous Kedas had been taken high on Mount Celestia and was now being researched by the angels Jaheza and Rimac. Tileer, who had been given the blood of Corellon, was a power that the magical artifacts were said to respond to. When he touched the Kedas to see the initial response, the artifact broke and the spirit of Bitana was freed, something the angels had no idea would happen. Unhappy of how recklessly they experimented with the evil relic, the angels through the three out.

What Tileer has done since is mostly a mystery. He has not been seen for years, and they only record of him in all this time was that he became King of Kunass just before the Dark Surge. The reclusiveness of the continent, however, allowed him to rule in secret and aid the humans fight the Dark Surge. When the war ended, he left, disappearing into thin air.

Now, the Lieutenant Calan Prael claims Tileer ruled the underground city of Lor for a time before the drow gave him the powers to rule the hive city, but Calan can not explain why Tileer gave up leadership. Rimac claims he knows Tileer is in the city of Aruclam, but can’t prove it. And the spirits that guarded the gate in Braith Fortress think Tileer went into the drow stronghold during the Dark Surge War. So far, no proof of any of this has been found, and since he has not been sighted in the last year, he could be anywhere.

Though he does not pose any inherent threat being at large, Shindora demands he is found. Perhaps he may have some insight on how to defeat Sidakreeth, or Bitana, should he ever be summoned.

Tileer Ukworn

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