Davos Wellvin

dah-vose wellv-in


This short, bald, oriental man might have passed as a monk at some point in his life, but his now pudgy belly dismisses the idea of any discipline in him. He wears a sleeveless light green robe with Morr and Joll embroidering the cuffs and lapel. Covering the rest of it are faint designs of stars, trees, and other symbols of the Siabryen religion. Underneath the robe is a plain, white sleeveless gi. His pants are a dull dark green that are not as loose as typical monk’s are. The designs on these are also symbols of Siabryen, but they are a bright white and much more visible. He appears to be nearing old age with wrinkles in his cheeks and forehead. His chin and lower jaw jut out a bit and his eyebrows are thick. He has short stubble that surrounds his mouth and a smile that engulfs every muscle in his face.



Through most of the world’s eyes, Davos is a mysterious man who claims to want nothing more than to be left in peace, but as global attention shifts towards the Kedas, more and more eyes are being fixed on this enemy of Isaac Alvindross. Now it is known that Davos Wellvin is actually the fallen angel, Rimac, and that Davos was an alias he took so that no one came looking for him.

Over a century ago, two Avotion soldiers, General Ki Harashi and Captain Shindora Bosovich, found and captured a demon and placed him in a prison in Heaven. Ki, to the surprise of all who knew him, converted the demon into the angel Rimac who swore to spend the rest of his life serving Heaven. He was one of the unfortunate angels chosen to study the Kedas of Confusion, which was hidden high on Mount Celestia. Because he was the one who retrieved the second Kedas from Har’ka, Rimac blames himself for their failure. He now lives to repent for what he did while searching for Tileer, the last angel of the trio that started the Dark Surge War.

Though he claims to live a clean life, he still practices a magic that most look down upon. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as a religion (some say you must worship demons to practice), the form of magic known as Medrivon (Med-rih-von) is how Rimac claims to cope with his actions. Though still an angel, Rimac has fallen from his high ranking status and as he tumbles, he drags others with him. After decades of battle, Rimac has taken a number of lives he felt were unnecessary. Using his own power, he holds the spirits of those he has wrongly killed near him. The power that they held in life stays with them, and is transferred over to the Medrivon user, making Rimac extremely powerful. Power, he says, he wields only when he has to.

Davos Wellvin

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