When posing as a human, Jaheza has a mess of dirty hair sprawling all over his large head. His thick beard grows with little sign of a mustache and his eyes seem to look beyond whatever sits before him. To most, he appears homeless, limping in stained robes and pants.


Fallen Angel

Jaheza, who was once a proud and noble veteran angel of the Blood War, has fallen and, at one point, was one of the most pathetic souls to call Heaven home. Chosen by Pelor as the angel most knowledgeable of the Kedas, Jaheza sat for twenty years, with the powerful Rimac guarding him, researching the Kedas of Confusion. He was the one who asked for more help, and when Tileer arrived, it was he who had asked the drow-turned-angel to touch the artifact with his strange red glow. Jaheza knew his aura was related to the Kedas and that it was dangerous to have him around, but after twenty years, Jaheza had grown tired of waiting.

After the Kedas had broken and the three had been banished from Heaven, Jaheza swore with Rimac to search the world to correct their mistake. For decades Jaheza stayed loyal to Heaven, never giving in to temptation and never giving up. After helping Ulken Gaith start the Slayers in Aruclam to fight the remaining drow, Jaheza was asked by Shindora Bosovich to spy on the underdark to record its progress after the Dark Surge. The findings were dismal, finding only the drow to still be in power. Feeling as though there were no other answer, Jaheza approached Har’ka. The last thing Jaheza remembered was his request to the deformed genie: “Please end the atrocities caused by the broken Kedas.” Jaheza does not remember being asked to specify what he meant nor does he remember being told what he was to pay for the request.

Jaheza does not remember the following year, which was when his reputation as a seer began. After the party found him unconscious in his home, the Avotion soldiers (a planetraveling army) stationed in Aruclam took him to Heaven where they discovered he had been cursed by the Kedas of Confusion. Until Jaheza regains his memory, it is unknown if Har’ka was the one who cursed him, or someone working with him.


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