This massive eight and a half foot tall efreet genie is covered in defined muscles that sit atop one another. His head is identical to a minotaurs, though his snout is a bit smaller and his eyes are either bloodshot or soothing, depending on his mood. He often wears his light blue oblong turban that hides his horns, but when it is off, the twisting and rigid minotaur horns can be seen. He wears no shirt and his boots and loose pants are red. His weapon is the beautiful Haunting Glaive, decorated with fifteen large diamonds spaced evenly all along the shaft. The blade is longer and wider than most and there is a second smaller tip shaped like a hook that curves up just below the larger one.


God-Slaying Mercenary

Everyday, a handful of people learn about the world’s most respected and feared being, the mutated genie Har’ka. Har’ka’s past has only recently been revealed and though he hid it for as long as he could, the genie now encourages his reputation be heard by all.

Har’ka first became known when he was dethroned and exiled from the great City of Brass, the flaming city his kind call home. Decades later, it was discovered that Har’ka had risen to the title of Grand Sultan of Brass City by use of Foro’s Wand, a magical item capable of time travel. In a time line now unattainable, Har’ka was met by the spirit of Foro. Foro, who died using his wand, wanted nothing more than to see his creation in use and told Har’ka how to wield it without explaining the consequences. Har’ka used it and with his knowledge of future events murdered and bribed officials in the City of Brass. As he used it from time to time to go back no more than a few minutes, he began to feel the effects of age passing through him by the decades. His skin became hardened, his bones became weak, and his horns became twisted. By the time he became the Grand Sultan, everyone who he had wronged had become a strong enough force to throw him out.

Har’ka then fell into obscurity, but when he emerged years later, many of his weaknesses had been cured. Most say he aided the forces of evil to get his monstrous strength back and maybe even sold his soul a second time to prolong his already magically altered life. As Har’ka began killing, more questions arose. Who created him? His body was obviously an aberration. Where was Foro’s wand? He was seen thrown out of the City of Brass with it. What were his goals? Har’ka’s reckless vengeance stopped as quick as it started. He had scared all of his victims’ followers so badly that they worked for him as slaves to avoid death. The genie took them all and headed for the Astral Sea.

After carving out a realm of his own, Har’ka had his minions build him a massive fortress and palace. He probably would have been content living there by himself had he not chosen to listen to random visitors who wandered into his realm. His name had begun to spread, bringing back to him exiles and vengeful souls who thought his power might help them. Graciously, and smiling, Har’ka personally fulfilled their wishes while his home was being built. He demanded pay, and when he did not receive it, used his powerful weapon, the Serene Glaive, to absorb their souls into diamonds he would soon decorate his palace with. If they did pay, there was still the chance Har’ka would kill them and take what they had.

He has now become the world’s most famous mercenary, and a being feared by the gods of both Heaven and Hell. It wasn’t until he had been paid by someone to find the Kedas that Har’ka stopped answering requests. The idea of artifacts that could summon a god had his full attention and now some believe he is seeking them for himself. After he had collected three of them, he fled back to his home and kept quiet. Now that at least two have been taken from him (one by Rimac and one by Heaven Kross III), Har’ka is now louder and more active than ever. He has since taken offers, but still remains in the hunt for the Kedas. It is the hope of the gods that this will somehow turn against the great God-Slayer and end his terrible reign.


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