Heaven Kross III


Standing at 5’10” is a man with just enough stomach to rest on his belt. Though not perfectly built, he has more muscle then most men his age. His hair is blond with the same quality a twenty somethings has and it curls all the way down to the back of his neck. His beard and mustache are a bit darker and always neatly cut. The rings of his chain mail are red, purple, and white and his clothes are always either purple and red or yellow and white. His axe handle is an ice white while the silver blade has a decoration of a red eagle. The large steel shield he always has on him is red with a silver outlining and has a picture of three eagle’s wings stretching from the rim to the center on it. The blue eyes of this soldier are plain and seem to be deep in thought.


King of Aruclam, Slayer

Heaven was hidden from the public by his parents, Heaven II and Guen, during most of his childhood, but no one could miss the bearded seventeen year old who frequented the adult taverns at night. Starting his manhood prematurely, Heaven was first known as a womanizer to the citizens of Aruclam and the men who patrolled his city. Though being at these taverns was illegal at his age, he was never thrown out for obvious reasons. When he reached the age of twenty, he discovered a secret cult known as the Dira’maic Slayers that was operating under the city. Instead of informing his father or the city guard, Heaven decided catching these “criminals” himself would be a test of his worth. What he found was his new path in life.

The Dira’maic Slayers were a group of warriors and sorcerers from the magical city of Dira’ma who were dedicated to killing the drow that could bring back the Dark Surge. They hid under the city because many of their ways could be interpreted as illegal and because most still considered Zudababez, the Dira’man god, to be evil. The bizarre symbol of Zuda covered them, both on skin and cloth. They recognized Heaven and quickly explained their reason for being there. The prince, who was fond of stories of knights and heroes, joined them in their cause and brought them to the surface to be heard. The reaction was quick and negative; few wanted the future king to be working with Dira’ma. The small number that did admire his cause spoke loudly. Citizens, often members of the guard or army, would march through the streets of all districts shouting for enlistees to fight the drow. Aruclam was just below the Now Region, where the Dark Surge started, and troops warned of a return of Sidakreeth.

But the ranks of the Dira’maic Slayers grew just slightly and eventually the popular opinion won. They left the city of Aruclam, even though Heaven still lived in the castle, and made numerous trips to the Now Region to kill off the surviving drow. They brought back the heads and weaponry of their enemies, which raised their popularity. They were never allowed to recruit openly in the city of Aruclam, but they were definitely welcome once their reputation was built. At the head of the reputation was Heaven and as he grew older, he became known as a rebel the same way Blaine had. He did not defy his father or the government, but he also did not listen to their advice, yet he made the city a better place. The image of “bad boy” and “true knight” merged in him and he became the most popular celebrity in Aruclam. His father saw his ability to lead and decided to step down before he had to in order for his son to make good use of his image. At age 33, Heaven Kross III was forced to resign from the Dira’maic Slayers and became the youngest king of Aruclam. Suddenly, his demeanor began to change and the city saw the real man they were now following.

Before becoming king, Heaven’s way of talking was not really known. At his weekly speeches, though, the public learned that Heaven was a very slow talker with a lot on his mind. Often time he would skip over topics he felt were less important and spend hours on the ones that needed fixing, commonly repeating what he said 3 or 4 times. His view of “the ones who were meant to rule will be born from royal blood” was also shoved into the spotlight, causing him to lose some popularity with the commoners. But his charisma and new found chivalry were his ways of winning back his citizens. He made sure to back up his belief that leadership is in the blood by spending every waking moment dealing with the problems of the city. This made him rather hard to reach since he never told his schedule to the public and he was usually somewhere outside of the castle working. To keep up with what problems existed, he created a group of messengers who would simply wonder the city, with the symbol of a bright yellow eagle on them, who would listen to the people about their problems. They would report the cries to the king and he would make his next move. He also created a position known as the King’s Crier, which would announce the plans that were important to commoners to the city.

During one of his own missions, one he did not tell his Crier, Isaac Alvindross, he traveled to Har’ka’s fortress seeking the Kedas and became infected with the Dark Curse. Something about it was odd though; he fell into a coma-like state. Isaac was the first to find him in the throne room, sitting, and could not revive him. Only the Kedas Heaven had somehow retrieved revealed to Isaac where the King had been. For two years now the King has been infected, with Isaac keeping it a secret to everyone. It was not until Isaac made the mistake of trusting Yulaf that anyone found out about the King’s state. Fearing he could no longer protect the King, Isaac begged Yulaf to watch over him. Yulaf responded by summoning Widgon Sjinusoal to abduct Heaven’s body and now the dragon holds it within his realm on the Demon’s Wing.

Heaven Kross III

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