Akulla Ayame

uh-cool-uh Eye-ahm-ay


A six foot tall elf wearing a plain green shirt with a sleeveless dark green robe over it. His pants are a dark brown and he wears black traveling boots. His boots, which are common among Willowan warriors, reach his calves in the back and come to a point just below his knee in the front. The symbol of Willowan can be seen on them: a dark red tree in full bloom with its branches hanging below its roots. His loose hair has been dyed black (also common of Willowan soldiers) and reaches just below his short, elven ears. Marking his angry face are scars that some find hard to look at.


Assassin (Dead)

The famed assassin Akulla was known around the world as a threat to only those in power in Aruclam, but in Aruclam he was known by those in power as a tool. It is said that Akulla did finish off a few overpowered politicians and dominating military officials, but he was mostly paid to kill the most corrupt leaders, be they city or gang affiliated. And he only worked for the city. No one feared him taking pay from a gang lord who wanted the King or someone of royalty dead because Akulla had too much pride to let himself stoop so low as to deal with brigands. He took pay of any kind as long as it was worth something to him and he was known as the best.

But after meeting his love, Dwerra, another Willowan elf, he began taking fewer and fewer jobs. His fame began to drop and so did his knowledge of current affairs. As he sat happy with his wife and children, unaware of the changing atmosphere, the red-haired Uderin elves of Northern Briom began to overtake the elf district. As they became increasingly hostile, Willowan elves began to leave the city they once despised. Though he would have stayed and fought them in the past, his family was now more important. The Ayames moved back to Willowan for a short period before Akulla and Dwerra left their daughter, Mericho, to the tribes in Kelza (the center of Willowan) and headed back to Aruclam to help fight the oncoming demons in the famous Battle of Aruclam.

Little is known of Akulla’s actions after this. Most now know that the two had a son, Ruby, after the war and the relationship fell apart when Dwerra confessed to having an affair. Most think Akulla’s anger probably frightened Dwerra into leaving the city, but since she never returned to Willowan to retrieve her daughter, some thought Akulla murdered his deceitful wife.

What is also known was how the assassin met his end. In a tale that only darkens the Uderin elves mysterious history, it was Akulla’s only assassination attempt since the Battle of Aruclam that did him in. Hired by the stern school teacher and historian, Davos Wellvin (still using the name Rimac at the time), Akulla was told that the Uderin diplomat, Banuji, was sent to kill Davos for crimes he never committed. After researching Davos’ history, Akulla found the man to be trustworthy and hunted Banuji in the middle of a rainy night. It was on the steps of the Temple of Navina, the largest temple to Aerion in all of Aruclam, that Akulla met his death. Banuji was not only a diplomat, but a 300 year old elven warrior who had grown up in the savageness of the Uderin Elves and trained by the samurai in the Norther Briom city Cassalwolf.

It wasn’t until years later rumors connected Davos to Akulla, but by that time there was no longer any evidence to aid charges. Davos has never admitted to being involved, but most still see him as the one who killed the great assassin Akulla Ayame.

Akulla Ayame

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