An elf of average height with a small hunch in his back, this rugged diplomat is always seen wearing one of several robes that display a collage of red and yellow splotches. His pants are usually a single dull color that match his robe’s design and he always wears the same wooden sandals the samurai of Briom are known for. On his side is Taiton (tay-tone), his katana, and always in his hand is a thick, locked book filled with notes on Aruclam. His hair is the crimson red that the Uderin (Oo-dare-in) elves of Briom pride themselves on. He seems tired and weary, but his busy eyes show he’s wide awake.


Ambassador from Northern Briom

Hailing from Briom, this diplomat has been in Aruclam longer than any other with the same title. For the past 55 years Banuji has served as the only voice in Aruclam for the city of Cassalwolf and Northern Briom. Though some demand he step down, few can argue his helpfulness and knowledge of the activities in the area he once called home.

In addition, he is known for being a skilled samurai and a translator with over a dozen languages he can slip in and out of in a single conversation. His mastery of foreign tongues makes him an asset when dealing with the wealthy and powerful arriving from places that are at ends with Aruclam. Banuji is seen as the peace keeper when such displeased men come marching in, an ironic image considering the notorious violence Uderin Elves are known for. Some say his peaceful ways began shortly after he first arrived in the city. On a cold and rainy night long ago, the assassin Akulla attempted to finish Banuji, but instead met his end at the hands of the adept samurai. Banuji claims that for the past 55 years he has felt the guilt of orphaning 3 innocent elven children, and so repents every night and morning.

For the most part, Banuji, like most other diplomats, is rarely in the public eye. But recently Banuji has been seen with the King’s Crier Isaac Alvindross quite a bit and has been made, by Isaac, the head translator of the mysterious markings found below the Tall Tail Tavern’s basement. And though very few know it, Banuji is now one of a handful who has been allowed into the King’s thrown room. But word is spreading. Soon, Banuji may be the focus of attention of a city that desperately wants to know what Isaac is up to.


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