There are two descriptions of this tyrant. His natural form is a hairless, dark-brown, muscular minotaur with curving horns, the tips ending just above his ears. The beast wears only a loin cloth and in his hands is a black double-bladed axe. The blade itself is a blood red. His more common appearance is a hunched over and bald forty year old man, his expression somber. He wears either a thick black robe with sleeves that pass his hands or his translucent red armor.


Evil God of Power

The neutral god Brama is now seen as the god of those who make themselves ruler through their own might, but for thousands of years he was a god of death. Tormenting the people of Lantafinsayf from his entrapment on Taconderan, a realm found deep within the Abyss, Brama was the most awesome being Lantafinsayf had ever seen. His goal of capturing the Death Esper, a magical stone that housed a spirit known for killing thousands, was enough to unite the world of Lanta together and fight him wherever he or his minions would roam. He commanded armies of demons for centuries, but they were not his greatest asset.

Outliving Brama himself, and known as the true force of the god, were the Brama Generals. Brama was famous for trusting individuals and transferring his power into them. He resurrected the souls of soldiers he had commanded in life and gave them great power, including the ability to morph into dragons. The Generals then came to Lanta to stop anyone who searched for the Death Esper. It was not known til just before Brama’s death that the Death Esper was all that was left of Brama’s son, Damien.

Though he was born from an unknown evil spirit, Brama had changed his path in life several times, first for love, then for revenge. He vowed recapture his mistress, Shiva, and kill her abductor, the ice god Evonas, when the world he lived on collapsed and exploded from the overpowered beings that inhabited it. He was one of five survivors who made it through the portal to Lantafinsayf, only to recover with amnesia.

After fighting a war he had no business being in, he found a portal to the abyssian realm Taconderan where Roma, the ancient and trapped ruler of the Abyss, watched him. Following him into the Abyss was Evonas who killed him and fled. Brama was then risen into a deity by his soldiers who had put so much faith in him. Intrigued by what he just saw, Roma possessed the new god as he was created and dove into his mind, searching for who the being truly was. The event triggered Brama’s memory and he suddenly remember everything, including that it was Evonas who stole his lover and that his child was somewhere lost on Lantafinsayf. He then began the infamous conflict between the Abyss and Lantafinsayf. When his time finally came, his death freed him of possession and he was reunited with Shiva and Damien. The deity Brama now rests in the Astral Sea, listening only to his followers pray for the strength to fight alone.


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