Dulki Hannah



This thick-necked, black man enjoys being the youngest general in Aruclam and the most popular among soldiers. His short hair is often covered by the “Lion’s Death” helmet that he wears. The flamboyant light yellow helmet is a detailed lion head with an Aruclam-red mane, one that is known throughout the city’s armed forces. His yellow furred plate mail and bone-hilted great axe make him appear like a barbarian, but the usual white smile that is seen on is face ends any theories of his ignorance.


General of the Aruclam Army-Head of Local Warfare

Dulki Hannah was born in the crumbling city of Majorn. Before he was able to walk, his parents took the long and arduous trail known as Humulo Lagi (Empty Path in elven) through Willowan in order to escape the growing war between Majorn and Seegridge. Though they had succeeded, a part of Dulki’s father still yearned for combat and so he taught his boy all he knew in order to quench his morbid desire. What grew from this was a man obsessed with conflict.

To his soldiers, Dulki is a respected and very approachable master of war. To his superiors, he is known as a reliable and obeying general. To his peers, he is nothing more than an edgy and belligerent power-hungry ruffian. Dulki sees all peers as competition, and he never gives this view a rest. Normally, most find his presence quite pleasant, but when a general of equal rank is in the midst, Dulki becomes cocky, wanting to show his talents at every possible chance. His most famous boasting came when the Forsaken Raiders invaded the city. Though Aruclam had planned for such an attack, all were caught off guard and the strategy fell apart. General Hannah and General Bollan Maas each came up with a plan on the spot, but both refused to give up their idea. Instead of working together, they forced most to choose a side and follow them into battle. This is usually the excuse used to explain why so many Forsaken Raiders escaped after abducting over 400 women.

Dulki Hannah

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