This beautiful long haired blond lets her locks hang down as a sign of freedom. It often covers her gentle and young face, but with the brush of a small hand her gleaming smile can be seen by all. The sleeves of her bright white dress hang beyond her hands, harmlessly dragging beside her feet as she walks the earth.


Dicia of the Continent Makarin

As Dicia of Makarin, Exonnasi has been given responsibility by Yuanini, God of Lantafinsayf, to watch over and protect the continent from extraplannar foes. She was the Dicia during the Dark Surge and gave important information to King Heaven Kross II of how the drow moved and fought. She used the dangerous gift all Dicia are given to become mortal and walk the planet in order to spy on Sidakreeth’s forces. After aiding the human soldiers enough to fight on their own, she traveled as far as she could into the Demon’s Wing, looking for the drow leader. Shamefully, she never found him, theorizing that Sidakreeth spent a great deal of time and effort avoiding her.

Unfortunately, her days of heroic acts and meaningful talks with Aruclam’s King are over now that Isaac is in charge. Irritated that Isaac has ignored her calls for talks, she has asked Shindora and the party to confront Isaac about meeting with her. She does warn though of Isaac’s reason for ignoring her may be the Dicia’s ability to look into the souls of those she gazes on. If he is hiding a terrible secret, he would be smart to avoid her.


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