Hellema Rellum


A massive and quick red dragon with a powerful jaw full of jagged teeth. His tail is thicker than any other and his black claws are long enough to decapitate a rival dragon. On his back are three rows of spikes that extend from his forehead to the tips of his tail. He breaths deeply and speaks with a voice like Asmodeus.


Born during the Dragon Era, Hellema has always hated the human world, the world that ruled after his own. Though Hellema does not actually remember the Dragon Era, he has always preached it had escaped to his soul and would rise as he would. But no one listened, and being trapped in Lish Hom Non with his kin only enraged him more. Despite that, he was said to have a chance at becoming the Zalri of Lish Hom Non. That was until he slaughtered a visiting human community. He was seen as a menace and, as the new Zalri, Sagould Teseron, had said, “Hellema no longer had the divine fury of a dragon, only the hateful mind of a human.” Hellema went over the edge.

He went to Har’ka and asked that the curse of Lish Hom Non be lifted. When Har’ka gave him a price that exceeded the dragon’s hoard, Har’ka gave him an alternative: find the soul of Elmen Draater. Hellema agreed and sat patiently under the rule of Sagould, smiling to himself. When Har’ka summoned him back to his palace with the answer, Hellema did not bring the payment. The dragon thought he might be able to get the answer before paying, but was sorely mistaken and thrown back to Lish Hom Non. He then used his bulky frame to intimate others from the valley to search the world for an end to their curse.

While he and the other rogue dragons flew across the world, the Wildfire was able to end the curse themselves, returning Lish Hom Non back to Lantafinsayf. As the dragons gathered and rejoiced, Har’ka came for Hellema who had denied him payment. Using the Serene Glaive, Har’ka took Hellema’s soul and retreated back to his palace. The mighty red dragon now rests somewhere inside the mercenary’s home.

Hellema Rellum

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