Ithil Luthis

ih-theel looth-iss


A young, tough looking wood elf with a prominent nose and a face so thin his eyes begin to wrap around his head. His dark brown hair is braided into three large ponytails that start just above his brow and reach the back of his shoulders. When not suited for combat, he prefers a sparkling gold vest with a high collar. Underneath it is a puffy long sleeve shirt with a piece of red cloth tied to each end of the sleeve around the wrists, which then hangs. While armed, he wields a glaive and wears lighter armor to move around in, such as a chain shirt.


Head Commander of the Dragon Raiders, Traitor

Not much is known about this native of Kunass. The 140 year old elf sailed from Kunass’ west shore to the city of Wilten shortly after the Dark Surge War. He and his family settled in and quickly made a name for themselves as soldiers in Aruclam’s various armed services. Ithil, though not as smart or successful as his brother Anor, became the most well known throughout Aruclam due to his constant fighting with his fellow soldiers. The very opinionated elf Ithil never knew when to keep his mouth shut and was often seen butting heads with his superiors or drawing his glaive against those of equal rank. The Army did their best to deal with the talented combatant, but after several decades of it, they had to move him somewhere else.

No one expected Ithil to advance within the Army with his behavioral problems, so the generals met together and discussed a solution. Years earlier, they had had a similar problem with their Colonel Isaac Alvindross. Alvindross was known as a whistle-blower, which was a direct threat to his well being. They solved the problem by making him the King’s Crier, a position that allowed him to work for the government and keep him out of harm’s way. Ithil was not as smart nor as trustworthy as Isaac and so he could not be given as much power. But he was a known traveler, someone who knew the northern half of Makarin quite well. Their decision was to make him a diplomat to the city of Castor, a city that viewed Aruclam as a possible ally. No one except those who made the decision knew why the short fused soldier was chosen to be in charge of talks with another city, but it had some top names in Aruclam scratching their heads.

By the next morning, it looked as though the general’s choice was a catastrophic mistake. The Forsaken Dragon Raiders, a force that laid north of Makarin in the Demon Wing Mountains, invaded the city and abducted hundreds of woman before fleeing back to their caves. When the invasion was over, Ithil had escaped with them, leaving his family and friends in shock. No one had any idea that Ithil was capable of something so terrible. Though the Forsaken Raiders had no affiliation with Castor, the true Dragon Raiders, the ones that left the Forsaken ones in the Demon Wing Mountains, were from Castor. Many thought that Ithil had made an alliance with the Forsaken Raiders long before he became a diplomat and chose to use his powers once he had the chance.

Everyone, generals and commoners alike, was in disbelief when it was discovered almost a year later that Ithil was now the Head Commander of the Dragon Raiders. Suddenly, hundreds of rumors of what happened between Ithil and the Aruclam Army began to spring up. The Army did their best to ignore it, saying it was a poor judge of character. Few bought their words and now the ties between Castor and Aruclam are becoming undone as the city of Castor, and its Queen Vonavie Domella, ignore Crier Alvindross’ calls for Ithil to be removed.

Ithil Luthis

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