Kulsha Esovoz

Kulsh-uh Es-oh-vahz


A grumpy looking silver dragon with a curl in his neck, ready to spring forth and attack those that get in his way. His upper lip hangs teeth outside his mouth and his eyes are piercing. The fin on his back varies in colors from light to dark silver and with no pattern. He stands no taller than any other silver dragon, but his long arms give him quite a reach.


Lish Hom Non Rebel

Kulsha Esovoz is a member of the silver dragon Esovoz family found in Lish Hom Non. He was relatively unheard of before the Dark Surge, but at the end of the war came the finger pointing. Kulsha was the first. He openly accused Niota Rellum at being so weak-willed that he gave the drow all the information they needed to launch a successful invasion of Lish Hom Non. Niota claimed the torture would have caused Kulsha to cave as well, but the silver dragon would hear none of it. He attacked Niota and it took the Zalri to end the fight. Niota escaped, shamed by his kin. All let the matter rest, except for Kulsha.

It is a story heard by only those who have a special interest in Lish Hom Non, but it is said that somewhere in a human city is Niota Rellum, hiding from Kulsha Esovoz. Up until the party met Ogimbus La’wy’a, this story was unimportant. The mage theorizes that Yulaf is Kulsha and is using his influences as Head of the Mage Guild to find Niota. His theory of Niota, however, has proven to be all but dead. He believes Davos to be the red dragon Kulsha hunts, but if Davos is an angel, where is Niota? No one knows, and the ones that should be looking for the two, the Dragon Raiders, do not seem interested in the legend.

Kulsha Esovoz

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