Ogimbus L'aw'ya

oh-gihm-bus l-ow-yuh


This six foot man cocks his head back as if to survey the land before him. His face is wide and his cheeks sag with age. He is balding at the forehead and his hairline has reached the middle of his head. The hair he has left is thin and light gray, reaching all the way to his waist. He wears the traditional Dira’man light gray robe and keeps it open, bearing his flat stomach and chest. His gray pants are of commoner’s quality and his sandals are nothing to envy. He always walks with his right arm fully outstretched, planting the base of his ornate staff ahead of his foot as he takes long strides.


Zo’lamin of Dira’ma

Ogimbus La’wy’a has recently taken up residence on the western part of the embassy district while on his mission from the magical city of Dira’ma. Many consider Dira’ma to be a distrusting city, but Crier Alvindross has said that the king welcomes representatives from the city if they present a gift. Ogimbus came with three emerald statues; one of the famous wizard Terro, one of the powerful red dragon Hellema Rellum, and one of the Dragon Raider’s founder Nido Marn. The first two are famous beings from Abor’a; the third is a famous man from Makarin. Together, the trio represent the history of the two continents. Crier Alvindross accepted them and moved Ogimbus into the embassy where he could do his work as long as he kept it public.

In the city of Dira’ma, Ogimbus was tied being 3rd in power with seven other Zo’lamin. There are eight districts of Dira’ma and each is watched by a Zo’lamin; Ogimbus’ district was the southern most that watched over Lake Relavie. In recent months, the lake had experienced a drought that was evaporating it and the leader of Dira’ma, Cel’af’ay Ama’da’los (His title is Major Kasai), felt it was because of Ogimbus’ depression from the death of his sister. Major Kasai Ama’da’los ordered him to live in Aruclam and experience the freedom of city life. Perhaps the rigorous hierarchy of Dira’ma was giving him too much stress while dealing with his loss.

Since moving to Aruclam, he has made his presence felt. He talks with literally everyone on the street and will sit in on classes to learn right along side the “little children of the city”. The habit of learning something every waking moment in Dira’ma was hard for this old wizard to break. He joined in with the commoners by betting at the coliseum, helping fend off Caybin Barbarian raids on the city, and he even spent time in the slums to learn of the different ales they made and of the different drugs they sell. Those who saw Ogimbus recall him being over joyed when he finally got to inhale the fine marijuana that is illegally made in Aruclam. The drug is famous for being used to celebrate various occasions in Dira’ma.

It seemed Ogimbus was experiencing every sight and sound there was in Aruclam. Every sight and sound except for the magical ones. Since moving here, he has been invited numerous times by the head of the Mage’s Guild in Aruclam, Yulaf Cloan (also known as “The Great Mountain Wizard”) to dine and practice spell casting at their schools and establishments. But Ogimbus has politely turned him down every time, fearing a relapse into his depression. “Nothing” he recalls “brings back my nightmares like being surrounded by magic.”

Ogimbus L'aw'ya

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