Ohzel Lanaosh

Oh-zel Luh-nowsh


A tough looking, slightly balding, short haired young man who looks more like a brawler than a soldier. He has the strength of a fighter in his upper body, but his legs clearly have not seen much traveling. When not dressed in his armor he is often wears lighter pastels.


Royal Guard of Crier Isaac Alvindross

Ohzel was known as a kind-hearted soldier who met all with a smile, even those he brought to jail. He had always been a firm believer in forgiveness and felt that there was never any true evil in the world. That all changed on 15,207 Mero 17 when the Forsaken Dragon Raiders of the Demon’s Wing invaded Aruclam and took as many women as they could before being chased off by the recuperating army. As Ohzel fought the savages, he had no idea that his own wife was one of the victims, till he returned to a ransacked home. He vowed then and there to get revenge and his demeanor quickly changed.

The happy and thankful soldier had become a hardened warrior who bent the law when he pleased. Without informing any higher ranking officials in the army, Ohzel gathered several other soldiers who had lost their loved ones to the Forsaken Raiders and began drawing out plans of how to rescue them. His ideas seemed far-fetched to most and eventually he had almost no one behind him. He abandoned the plan when even he did not see a way of getting back the women.

Since then, Ohzel has managed to have caught the eye of Isaac Alvindross and was chosen to be one of his Royal Guards. It has become clear, however, that Ohzel is not wholly loyal to the Crier. When Isaac discovered the collapsed tunnel that masked the entrance into the shrine below the Tall Tail, it angered him to know Ohzel had been one of three soldiers (Jaseaca and Bulrin the other two) who was suppose to inspect that area for signs of a shrine. Ohzel has said he did not search any further in, but in reality, only the stupidest soldier would have stopped in the search for the 2,000 year old shrine.

Ohzel Lanaosh

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