Ozuk Kufel

Oh-zook Kuh-fell


Though only 6’2”, this orc looks to have the width of a taller one. His bulky frame makes him quite a spectacle in his heavy forest green robes. Often times the symbol of Melora, a crashing wave, shines on his chest just below a light green scarf. His mouth is wide and straight which teams with his eyes to give an awkward blank stare. His hair is an ugly brown and hangs down to his ears. Though he wields no weapon, he carries a staff with him that is topped with a cresting wave.


Cleric of Melora

The colorful and bulky cleric Ozuk is known for one thing: forcing the humans and goblins of Aruclam to get along. Though an orc, Ozuk is the main way the soldiers and citizens handle the millions of problems the destructive and stupid goblins cause. When not serving mass for those at the Spiral Temple of Melora, Ozuk is usually by the side of a lieutenant or captain, translating the words of an irate goblin or soothing the frustration of the soldiers.

Ozuk’s most recent mission was a bit different, however. After learning General Dulki Hannah had refused to rebuild the Falling Sun Temple of Avandra in the western plains, Ozuk and several other orcs went in the name of Melora to bring the beautiful stone building back to life. Unfortunately the group was ambushed by a pack of gnolls and knocked unconsciounce. When the group awoke, they discovered they had been rescued by a group of farmers who were then expelled from their own city for bringing followers of Melora into a community dominated by worshipers of Tiamat. The whole mess convinced Ozuk to head back to Aruclam and perhaps, if nothing else, threaten General Dulki into saving the collapsing temple.

Ozuk Kufel

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