Polcwin Demov

Pole-quin Deh-mahv


This 5’11” man stands with almost perfect posture, save his rare stares at the ground. A head full of hair and thoughts, his brown eyes tell everyone he is tired of his own existence. He often drags his fingers through his goatee while wondering about the mysteries he surrounds himself with. The man usually dresses in fine black button shirts, but will wear his dark red and purple collared shirt if Isaac so requests.


Head Translator of Aruclam, Keeper of Aruclam’s Antiquities

The snobby Polcwin Demov has only lived a rich life. Born into a family who came from the well-to-do districts of Drakow, Kunass, Polcwin stands with his nose high. Those who serve him say he deserves respect for being the city’s head translator and keeper of rare artifacts, while others think he should be grateful for living such an easy life.

But his new position as Head Translator of the Underground Shrine have given him all the more reason to be so self-absorbed. He has never said it himself, but most know he is relishing the fact that he is at the center of the most talked about discovery in Aruclam’s history.

Polcwin Demov

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