Sekien Dyoran

seh-kye-an die-or-an


This thin and frail white dragon is nothing but muscle and bones, and the short, serrated fin on his head and blunt nose help him appear tiny. Though small, this white dragon’s black eyes still make it frightening to anything smaller than it, and the sharp claws, jutting out of fingers so long they hang when his feet are lifted, help the creature scare off intruders stupid enough to challenge him.


Tyrannous White Dragon

The ancient white dragon Sekien Dyoran has been a haunting evil since the city of Semeese was built. One of the many dragons left over from the Dragon Era that ended over eight thousand years ago, Sekien hid in the Demon’s Wing, living and killing as he chose. But when Semeese was constructed by humans, he saw a chance to have some real fun. Most guess his cursing of the city was a solution to his boredom, but his fight to hold Semeese under his control makes it appear to be something more.

Semeese was born from the human’s natural want to spread across the world as they discovered it. For thousands of years after the dragon era, the area found north of Aruclam, known as the Now Region, was left alone. But eventually the humans saw a chance to investigate the north mountains that lay here for resources. They built Semeese as a central point, but soon those in control lost their personalities as Sekien dominated them from the mountain’s cloud-high cliffs. He used them to enslave all that lived in the city and had the mages sending messages back to Aruclam for more soldiers to increase their defenses. It wasn’t hard for the evil dragon to capture and turn the reinforcements to evil. Using a variety of demons and abyssal monster’s images, Sekien had them all worshiping demonic gods, such as Orcus, so that he could remain hidden from them.

As the city of Aruclam began to realize something was up, Sekien stupidly made them aware it was he who had been running the show. His chance to shine for the world got the best of him and he flew over head as soldiers, determined to free Semeese, climbed the Demon Ridge. He slaughtered all of them without a fight, but Lantafinsayf now knew it was a dragon, not the demons, who had been controlling the city. Little has been done since to save Semeese and so Sekien pays almost no attention to it. People find they can reach it with few problems from Sekien’s minions, but the town is now completely evil. Statues of both demons and Sekien have been erected there and those that try and turn the citizens back to good find opposition. More often then not, they find their end as well.

Sekien Dyoran

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