Shindora Bosovich


Standing, and leaning slightly forward, is the bald and young looking Shindora with his thin and robust body covered in scars aplenty under his clothing. His face is soft and untouched with his infamous toothed crown adding color to a plain appearance. His dull silver chain armor looks worthless next to his two stunningly ornate long swords he keeps on him at all times. Each having hilts sculpted by the finest craftsmen, his weapons make this otherwise boring man a sight to see.


Mercenary of the Planes, 1,000 Year Old Boy

The legendary plane traveler and recruiter has been around longer then most of his superiors. He has fought in many wars, on both sides, and that includes the war between the demons, devils, and angels. And it has been his actions during this war that have him under any superiors at all. Shindora may have a good heart, but he is a mercenary. If he can convince himself lives will be saved by his actions, he’ll perform any task, even for the evil denizens of Hell. Because of this, his position in the Avotion Army (which he has been ranked in since its creation) has risen and dropped more than a dozen times. His constant honesty of his actions has forced the angels of heaven to demote him, giving the man reason to prove his worth again.

And yet, his honesty is somewhat empty. When he speaks, it is the truth, but getting him to speak is the trouble. It is said that Shindora has seen more horrors than Orcus and more miracles than Pelor, and it all is too much for one human to take. Though he fights everyday, most think Shindora is no longer happy with himself. The sins he was forced to commit and the constant rumors of his “master plan” may have finally gotten the best of him.

The party met him while he was fulfilling yet another mission that could end terribly. Shindora had been ordered to find the three angels Jaheza, Rimac, and Tileer. The Avotion Soldiers had already found and rescued Jaheza, but Rimac and Tileer were still at large. To make matters worse, it was pretty clear Rimac had fallen. If two of the three had lost their angelic way, there was little reason to believe Tileer, the one who had turned to Heaven only recently, would be able to resist his natural ways.

Shindora Bosovich

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