Sidakreeth Hesaden

sid-uh-kreeth hez-uh-den


This drow is said to be over six feet tall, even with his hunched stature. Supposedly mutated by the Abyss, Sidakreeth lacks the gracefulness of elves and instead bears the power of demons. His skin is black and his long hair is dark gray with small white streaks. He wields no weapon as his fangs and awkwardly large claws do the trick well enough. His eyes are wide and his entire face secretes a green ooze that coats his entire body.


Leader of the drow, Head of the Hesaden house

His life before coming to Lantafinsayf is a complete mystery, but most guess he lived with Lolth in her layer on the Infinite Layers of the Abyss. Scholars tell that mutations there between demons and drow are common, but are usually killed off. Because Lolth sent him herself, most are guessing that he has some power that other drow do not possess and is coveted by Lolth. Something about him is keeping him from a swift destruction by his evil goddess.

No one knows how he did it, but when he came to Lanta he was able to gather all the drow in the underdark under the flag of Lolth and used the incredible masses to kill off most other underdark inhabitants, including over 80% of the mind flayers in Lanta. All of this was done without the surface world knowing and no one is sure exactly when it started. The first recorded attack was the one made against Lish Hom Non. Sidakreeth’s drows kidnapped several dragons there and tortured them for information. 3 years later, he attacked the surface, leading the charge in the Now Region in northern Makarin. He was seen on the plains of battle throughout the two year war, but no one could advance towards him once spotted. The commands he shouted were in a language that was a mesh of abyssal and undercommon and his voice was louder than any trumpet that sounded in battle. His exact location was hard to pinpoint since he appeared in different battles across the world, but that is probably due to some kind of teleportation.

In the two years that the Dark Surge was waged, Sidakreeth never ran and was never defeated. Even though he had killed all the forces of the upper planes that faced him in his last fight, the drow around the world were losing. He was last seen standing at the opening of a cave in Notelex, starring at his forces with a look of disappointment as they ran past. After that, he was never heard from again.

But the theories about him still continue. Is he on Lantafinsayf? Is he in the Abyss? And most importantly, what is he doing? The drow have fled to parts of the underdark that even the dwarves refuse to investigate and the mind flayer population is believed to have stayed the same. After the Dark Surge, armies from all major cities were sent to areas where the drow had traveled through and watched over them. Now, as the Dark Surge fades into history, those forces are getting smaller and smaller. Many, many politicians all over the world are trying to increase the soldiers guarding there, but the leaders of the world feel it is just a waste of men. The world is once again becoming vulnerable. Will Sidakreeth return?

Sidakreeth Hesaden

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