Sostace Oness

sole-stess oh-ness


A tall and lanky human with short dark blond hair and spectacles. With a smile usually on his face, Solstace is animated when in conversation or even just on a stroll. While off work, his clothes always have multiple colors, making him stand out in a crowd. At work he usually wears a plain white open chested shirt with the two pieces of cloth, meant to close it, hanging down, and black slacks and boots.


Owner of the Tall Tail Tavern, Ex-Dragon Raider

Solstace is known as the smiling primary owner of the most successful tavern in Aruclam. The dark octagonal building he runs has a rather interesting design with the floor slowly rising till it reaches the stage in the center of the main room. The stage has featured some of the most famous gigs in Aruclam, sometimes paying over 200 gold for a single night of work. The tavern is Solstace’s pride and joy and those that have only heard of the Tall Tail think Solstace sounds like a jolly guy. But those that frequent the tavern often see his other side.

Solstace’s temper is something else. Though numerous bar fights break out every night, Solstace views them as free entertainment and, for those who witness them, interesting stories to tell. But when an employee ignores an order, or an ex-lover comes walking in to speak with him, Solstace loses his cool almost immediately. The man who was once known as a delinquent in the Dragon Raiders still has the fury that drew him to the life of a soldier. He has never hit a woman, but he has gladly blindsided dozens of his male patrons and employees for talking back. Some say, though, he’s not losing his cool. Many believe he does it because it lets him feel like a man, its a sure way to rid the tavern of those he dislikes, and its just another way for the witnesses to spread the word of the wild Tall Tail Tavern.

Despite the different tales of Solstace’s behavior, all who know him agree he is a rude, belittling, womanizer who inherited the tavern through his father. But not even this is completely free of speculation. It is known that his father was assassinated in the pursuit to secure his tavern under the family’s name, but the murder’s employer is anyone’s guess. The most common guesses have him being just another casualty between the underground war between the King’s Crier Isaac Alvindross and the mysterious black magic mage Davos Wellvin.

Sostace Oness

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