Tasca Vadanquin

Tass-kuh Vuh-dan-quin


This stout man has stiff, pushed back graying hair, which gives him the look of a maniacal composer. On his chin lies a soul patch and his eyes are dark and busy. His thin cloak, which matches his hair, looks more like an overcoat and his leggings are typically darker than the rest of his garb. The sandstone sandals he wears for every occasion are about the only thing keeping him from looking like a piece of mountainous scenery.


Advisor to Crier Isaac Alvindross

Not much can be said about Isaac Alvindross’ advisor. He only became heard of after the King’s “mysterious disappearance,” and originally to those who knew the Crier well. With the King gone, it was pretty clear Isaac had no ability to lead, so he hired Tasca, the only advisor of the King who didn’t hate Isaac, as his own advisor.

For the most part, Tasca is respected for his ability to talk with powers who naturally hate Isaac or Heaven Kross (The Heavenly Slayers for example), but has been criticized for not convincing Isaac to let others into the throne room to help the King. Now, the loose-lipped are beginning to talk again as Tasca has become a sort of informant of Isaac. Instead of the Crier meeting with his soldiers and government officials, it is Tasca. Some prefer this change, however, since Isaac has almost no people skills.

Tasca Vadanquin

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