Widgon Sjinusoal

wihd-gone shin-uh-zoo-uhl


Lantafinsayf II, just before the Juggernaut and Avengers fought the Tarrasque Physical Appearance: A massive, dirty light blue mist dragon with a rather pointed nose and small spikes scattered on the back of his thick neck. His face is wide and muscular. His scales have begun to peel back as he ages and so he looks to be spined all over his body.


Mischievous Mist Dragon (DEAD)

Widgon Sjinusoal first came to the Now Region after surviving a deadly encounter with his brother, Mirca Eyer. The Eyer family had always leaned towards neutrality as the dragon world fought itself. It was Widgon’s decision to break off from their normal ways and fight the metallic dragons that left his father dead and himself scarred.

Long after the dragon era, Widgon felt, for some reason, that he needed to harm those that broke off from Lish Hom Non, even though he was born after the era ended. His poking and prodding of the gold and silver dragon families eventually got him named by Lish Hom Non as an enemy and so his father, Kelcyka Eyer, confronted him along with Mirca. They fought, and Widgon’s abnormal strength for a mist dragon defeated Kelcyka, leaving him to die from his wounds. Mirca fought off the whimpering Widgon and he fled to the Demon’s Wing. He has been there ever since.

During the Dark Surge War, it was reported that Widgon had been working with a female gnome named Jistyon Lutest in the hopes to have a spy for Sidakreeth. Aruclam listed Widgon as an ally of the drow and attacked his home just as they attacked Sidakreeth’s forces in the north. They overcame the evils of the war and secured Widgon’s home, but never found the dragon. The soldiers eventually left, and Widgon returned from wherever he had been hiding. To this day he admits to having an alliance with the mage Jistyon, but not to Sidakreeth. He offers no answers as to where he was, but insists he was never apart of the Dark Surge War. Few listen to him, and so he stays in his home, content to be left to his own devices.

Widgon Sjinusoal

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