This scruffy woodsman with patchy brown hair and beard stands tall at 5’10.” Though he is only in his late forties, his face is wrinkled like an old man’s, possibly the work of stress. He walks slowly, but only by choice, and dresses in robes that have multiple shades of gray. He often uses his fat fingers to point and illustrate his thoughts.


Master Kasai of the Heavenly Slayers

In the city of Dira’ma, commoner Wo’av’Alock was simply a caretaker, cleaning up the barracks the city’s warmages lived in. Because he was born into a poorer family, no one took a chance to waste their time teaching him powerful magic. While in his early forties he traveled to the city of Aruclam to join the Slayers, but returned to Dira’ma when he heard they were disbanding. While living under deteriorating conditions in his native city (he was considered to have abandoned Dira’ma when he left), he heard the Slayers had split instead of disbanded. As quickly as he could, he traveled to the capital of Makarin to try again.

The force he had come to join had split into the Heavenly Slayers and the Virtuous Slayers, and to his delight, the Heavenly Slayers were looking for leadership. He explained where he was from and promptly showed them he could lead. Wo’av’Alock was not stupid, and the Dira’man blood inside him allowed him to learn fast. He taught himself new spells, taught magic to those who had no training, and laid out a future for his clanmates.

But after several years he became the unfortunate target of an angry dragon. Widgon Sjinusoal, who had been trying to kill off Isaac so that Yulaf could lead the city (his reasons are unknown), chose to use Wo’av’Alock’s influence as a weapon. Using telepathy, Widgon posed as Zudababez and told Wo’av’Alock what to do, though the mage had free will. At first, Widgon, using his shadar-kai spies to learn about the city, gave information that was in the interest of the Heavenly Slayers. But eventually Widgon turned the attention to Isaac and Wo’av’Alock did not refuse, taking every bit of bait. But the party saw through it, and was able to stop shadar-kai. Now, Wo’av’Alock sits in the sewers, conducting operations without the advice of his god, unsure of where he went.


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