Yemy Hanova



This geeky young elven lady may be smart, but her slanted smile and crooked glasses make her seem careless and aloof. She prefers brighter robes of yellow and blue while in the presence of other wizards and will fix up her hair for the most casual of occasions.


A student of Polcwin Demov

Yemy, an Uderin elf from Northern Briom, grew up in the richer section of the elven district and so saw little of the violence associated with the area. She was educated through the Green Crescent Temple where she met all of her friends, including Mericho Ayame. Through Mericho, Yemy met Davos who she adored from the moment they talked. Davos became her private tutor and taught her everything from powerful magic to various languages she had never heard of.

Because of Davos, she is one of the only citizens of Aruclam who can understand Ancient Aaminarian. She now works for the despicable Polcwin Demov as a translator of the markings below the Tall Tail Tavern, but there are rumors spreading that Isaac might pick her to aid the party in the fight against Widgon Sjinusoal. All Yemy hopes is that she is given a choice for her future and not an order.

Yemy Hanova

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