This God is often depicted as a thirty foot tall, androgynous human looking up into the sky with his arms brought together and held above his head. Both his elbows are positioned in front of his face and his fingers are fanned out, pointing to the sky. His eyes are large and without pupils, but his smile and the wrinkles on his face give him a rather peaceful look. He wears no clothes.


God of Peace

Yuanini has had many titles over the centuries, including God of Lantafinsayf, The Esper God, God of Light, God of Revolutions, God of Purity, and God of Protection, but the title he prefers is the God of Peace. For as long as he has watched over Lantafinsayf, he has seen war. He came during the Dicia War, he watched as Evonas tried to take over the planet during the War of Evonas, and he has had to battle Brama several times. Yuanini now wishes peace and harmony for the people of Lantafinsayf.

Unlike most gods, Yuanini has had an active role in the world he watches. He has had to materialize many times and chance his utter destruction to save his followers. The most famous instance happened shortly after the Battle of Aruclam when Har’ka stood above the city of Aamin and held Clo, Yuanini’s mother, in his hand. As Har’ka crushed the glowing being, Yuanini appeared and tried to save her, but to no avail. The strength of Har’ka was so great he killed the powerful being with a single hand. Though Yuanini lost the only reminants of his mortal life, he continued to rule as God, preaching for all to eventually give up arms once evil has been defeated.


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