Za'ben'Us Sasteel

Zah-ben-us Zuh-steel


This slow moving, but quick writing mage has shaved off all of his hair except for the short brown mo-hawk that races in between half a dozen tattoos on his skull. He has surrounded his eyes with tattoos of the As’ma’lon language, but the symbols are so small no one can read them. His robe is a dark blue, representing his status in Dira’ma.


Archivist from Dira’ma

The arrogant and quiet Za’ben’Us has been described as a philosopher obsessed with the origins of the world. He is very well respected in Dira’ma, but no one outside of the city knows how he attained such status. Since he first moved to Aruclam, most have discovered his constant foraging through books and short attention span for other people’s opinions. He has admitted to being wrong to some, but only after having time to think about the alternative.

There is no one in the world more agonizing to dispute with than this maniacal genius, who has been found to be oblivious on some matters. His brain is so complex, and his thoughts so deep and profound, that he misses the obvious, such as an elephant in the room. Though his problems hinder him greatly at times, his mind has given him reason to care little. He currently is working under Polcwin Demov to unravel the meaning of the shrine below the Tall Tail Tavern.

Za'ben'Us Sasteel

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