Adaima Dulcen

uh-day-muh dull-sen


This 5 foot 10 inch tall man looks like he packs the punch of a someone twice his size. Hunched over and heavily dressed, he walks with a bounce. His many black and dirty dreadlocks come out of his head and hang down evenly all the way around his head. They stop at his shoulders, just after passing his high collared rabbit-furred robe. The soft brown and white garment goes beyond his hands and feet, causing him to trip over it with his huge strides. When his hair is pulled back over his head, a sleepy eyed primate stares out into space. Contradicting his savage look is his big mouth full of bright white teeth. He wields a warped staff that weaves back and forth. Sometimes a great axe can be seen on his back.


Hermit, Caybin Barbarian

Adaima Dulcen’s past is still spoken about today. Many blame him for bringing the Caybin Barbarians up from their plains south of Willowan and he will be the first one to tell them they are right. Raised by the savage barbarians of the Caybin Plains, Adaima was taught not to show mercy to his enemies. Since he was eight years old he has been fighting. Wielding their tribe’s weapon, a great axe made out of bone, Adaima showed no impressive skills in one on one pit fights. He often ran and tried to get at the much larger barbarian’s legs when he could, but when he had the element of surprise none of his brothers could defeat him. The runt savage was quick and quiet, something the others cared little about. But this did not persuade him to change, he knew he would show them what he could do someday, and that day is what the city of Aruclam remembers most about him.

Fifteen years ago, the Caybin Barbarian’s population spiked when neighboring elven towns and villages threw out their human residents after tales of Seegridge’s racism was spreading. These lost and lonely innocents were welcomed into the tribe as long as they did not differ their unity. With the barbarians at their most powerful, they began to attack and sack villages close to their home. They began to move northward, avoiding going East where Willowan lay; they knew they were no match for the elves. During this long and arduous trip Adaima showed the new recruits his prowess and speed when he took down two ogres by himself, receiving much applause. They realized he was smarter than the rest, making him a constant target for insults. Adaima insisted they meant no harm, but over those few months he began to realize they were right. He shook it off, though, and stayed with them all the way till the brutes reached Aruclam.

Before there was the Southern Wall, a special barbarian killing force centered in Aruclam, the wilderness South of the city was open and unwatched. The barbarians planned an attack straight up the gut of the city from the Southern entrance. Adaima snorted at the thought of their odds, but he was ignored as usual. As he joined them for their midnight suicidal attack, two dozen of the people who were entertained by his talents asked him to lead them on a more intelligent assault against the city. Adaima showed his bright white smile and they broke off from the group, heading west and then north to the city wall. Adaima had heard of others scaling the walls of cities and thought he may be able to do it, but when he saw the 60 foot walls towering above him, he was in shock. He stood their puzzled until he saw a sewer at ground level dumping who-knew-what onto the western plain. Incredibly, he was able to weave his thick frame through the grate, but was not accompanied by the others. Some even vomited when they saw what he was climbing through, though it did not phase Adaima. He just gave them a huge smile and waved his hand, inviting them to join him. After discussing it softly for several minutes, the rest walked away without even giving him a second glance. Adaima shrugged and continued through the sewer.

He found no one for over an hour, hearing shouts from the invasion above his head. He was not sure how to spring this perfect ambush and so wandered around, searching. He came upon a campsite on a ledge that sat dryly above the murky water. There, by herself, sat an 18 year old orphan named Kameda (kuh-mee-duh). She was dirty from the unspeakable waters that surrounded Adaima’s waist, but her face was sullen and clean. He hopped onto the ledge, uninvited, and sat across the fire from her. She did not speak, but the barbarian had tons to ask a citizen of this massive city. He began asking questions, but with no answers coming his way he switched over to his stories of battle. Adaima added his flavor of dark humor and the girl began to crack up. During all of his stories she never said a word, but was laughing so hard sometimes she was crying. Her smile and blue eyes touched Adaima’s heart and he knew he found a new home. Without even setting foot inside the city, the retired barbarian felt like the city was his. He took Kameda’s hand and they headed for the surface.

Adaima no longer sought a perfect ambush and escaped the sewers with his new love without searching the area. They ended up right below a battle that was happening between two apartment complexes. Above them, they could see arrows being shot from window to window and barbarians jumping from roof to roof, with some falling to their doom not more than ten feet away from Kameda. Her face filled with fright as she realized the city was under attack. Adaima wrapped his arms around her head and began to run, dragging her with him. She screamed, drawing the attention of the residents in the area and the warring soldiers. He ended up in a dead-end alley with his own tribe on his heels. He let the girl go and drew his great axe from his back, ready to show her his speed. Two of the barbarians moved in first, circling around to his sides from a distance. Adaima brought his weapon parallel to the ground and waited; the two advanced, flanking him. As the one to his right lifted his axe into the air, the savage runt jammed the spike tipped hilt into his abdomen, blood pouring out onto his hands. The other brought his up in the same manner, but took a large step forward to adjust for Adaima moving towards the other one. As he forced his great axe down, Adaima thrust the two top edges of his double bladed great axe into the thigh and fell next to his leg. The barbarian’s weapon rained down on the head of his sliced open friend.

Adaima brought his weapon back to his body and grabbed the hilt with one hand while squeezing the top of the shaft, just below the blades, with the other. He angrily thrust his weapon up between the legs of the surviving one, causing him to fall to the ground crying. As he stood up to smile at his woman, he realized he had been taken a hold of by his thirst for blood. He did not realize the other barbarians had crushed her skull with their bare hands and were now walking away, content with leaving Adaima. The heartbroken man fell, straddling his love, feeling her empty face. Her smile was no more; her eyes looking past him on to the light of the heavens. Shaking, he took her body up to the top of a building, ignoring all attempts to stop him. When he reached the roof, he pleaded with the past to redeem itself. With no answer coming, he began to rebuild his love. He took her fractured skull and tied it with her remains to the shaft where the two blades attached. He used her teeth to create a smile and then began stripping her body. He lined the inside of his rabbit robe with her skin and rubbed the remainder of her blood on his skin until it was dry. Until the blood was with him and no one else. Then, with only the bone left, he hollowed and separated her skeleton so he could reinforce the entire weapon. Her small body had just enough to make the weapon twice as thick. He then sat on the building whimpering, afraid to go fight his kin.

No one knows how long he stayed up there, but when he came down he took up residence in the slums of Aruclam. Insane, depressed, and exhausted, he wandered out of the city, unable to find a job. He was no longer a savage nor was he fit for civilized world. Outside of Aruclam, standing among the open fields and under the grateful sun, he found his new home. His love for the people of this new city kept him near, but his instinct kept him out. He now lives on the outskirts of the city, peacefully stopping enemies who wish to harm the ones who gave him Kameda.

Adaima Dulcen

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