Cel' af'ay Ama'da'los

Sel-uh-fey ah-muh-doll-ose


The unusually short 5’4” man stands with his back straight despite having to wear the twenty pound robe Major Kasai of Dira’ma are required to wear. Made of the finest cloth in all the world, the heavy white robe keeps its wearer fit with the ten poles that sprout from the garments shoulders (five on each side, each five feet long). The man looks odd in the great ruler’s garb; he is one of the only clean-shaven Major Kasai in Dira’ma’s history. His black hair sprouts from his head like short grass and his soft, blue eyes hold the wisdom one in his position should have. Though perfectly fit with decades left in his life, the Major Kasai scuttles with the ancient faded gray staff of Zudababez.


Major Kasai of Dira’ma

Like most Major Kasai during their time of rule, little is known of Cel’af’ay. He was elected based on his resistance to let the outside world into the city of Dira’ma and holds that stance still. After the Dark Surge, every corner of Lantafinsayf began to open up no matter how secluded they were. Now Cel’af’ay has begun to enshroud Dira’ma in the darkness seen during the reign of Sel’bara, when Dira’ma was so thoroughly against visitors they would meet intruders head-on with violent outcomes.

The only sign Cel’af’ay has shown that he welcomes the world was his his sending of Ogimbus La’wy’a to Aruclam as a diplomat. But Ogimbus has since opened up and confessed that the real reason he was sent was because his depression was affecting others. Most now think Cel’af’ay was doing little more than getting rid of the pathetic mage.

Cel' af'ay Ama'da'los

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