Ediva Leon


A long haired blond beauty that wears no make-up. This woman loves to dress in uniforms that proudly show the symbol of the Dragon Raiders in addition to dumbing down her curving body. Her hair is usually up so that she can wear a helmet and her face is often covered in warpaint so that others may ignore her good looks. She wields a bastard sword in one-hand and a shield in the other, showing her hidden strength. Her favorite type of armor is plate mail, though she wears lighter armor when the situation calls for it.


A Captain of the Dragon Raiders

Up until the night of the “Red Glow,” Captain Ediva Leon of the Dragon Raiders had not accomplished much and had not been known by many. But after she was discovered to be the only survivor of two dozen Dragon Raiders that had come into the city without reason, her name became infamous with the party.

Ediva claims that she had come with the men to meet with Ohzel Lanaosh about the possibility of over-throwing Ithil Luthis, but had received word from one of her spies that Isaac had discovered their plans and that Ohzel was to turn against her. She ordered her men to stay in the area and watch for Ohzel while she talked to Nyman and Solstace, two old friends, about any rumors they may have heard. When she discovered that her entire platoon had been found dead in a warehouse that housed Jaheza, she became speechless, unsure of what was going on behind her back. When Jaheza came for her, and only her, later that night, she was sure someone in her platoon had turned against her.

After the party rescued the Captain, she admitted all of this but could not explain why they all were in the warehouse and how they all died. Most now think it was Rook (or his brother Maigalas) who killed them, but that still does not explain why they had all gone into Jaheza’s home. Only the angel himself would know, but he is currently being looked after by the other angels of Heaven.

Ediva Leon

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