Elian Luthis


An elderly elf who proudly wears either his armor or his commoner clothes, each bearing the red and purple symbol of Aruclam: an overhead view of an eagle in flight. His face shows a few wrinkles and his short, mangled hair is light brown. His eyes are large and sad which aid his constant dismal frown. When not wearing his city’s symbol, he is seen wearing fancy white shirts with a black, red, or purple vest. When not prepared for battle, he uses a cane to give his old legs a break.


A Captain of Aruclam’s Inner City Militia

For the first three hundred years of his life, Elian Luthis spent his time living and raising a family on the primitive, but growing, continent of Kunass. After the Dark Surge, he and his two sons, Ithil and Anor, sailed across the seas to the fortified metropolis of Aruclam in the hopes that the horrible memories of war would be left behind. Swearing to uphold the law, Elian became a member of the Inner City Militia and fought off the effects of old age to support himself and keep his dignity.

Unfortunately, his son, Ithil, cared little for what Elian wanted and took part in the Forsaken Raiders raid of the city. The betrayal broke his father’s heart and Elian has not been the same since. Though he still works for the militia, he rarely breaks his back for anyone. Not even for his remaining son, Anor.

Elian Luthis

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