Elzeeda Ayame



The menacing warrior, Elly, keeps her flat, waist-length hair a shinning dark brown, despite most Willowan fighters dying theirs black. Keeping it all in front of her body, she allows it to curl in towards her chest, giving her a savage look. Her body is thin and plain, and her mug has many unwanted features. She has a flat nose, unusually pointed ears (even for an elf), and her chin is somewhat prominent. She wears blacks and dark greens and often wears men’s clothes. Her armor, when it is donned, covers her entire body and is topped of with a masked helmet. She wields two long swords that have been decorated with symbols she claims are from a language Akulla taught her.


A Royal Guard of Crier Isaac Alvindross

The daughter Akulla Ayame and older sister of Mericho Ayame, Elly was born into a family of rage and discipline. For most of her life she was a trouble maker. When her parents fled to Willowan with her sister, they left Elly with Thelloris, an elf from Northern Briom who desired peace between her kind and Willowan elves. It was under her training that Elly became more disciplined than angry and has been loyal to her ever since, fulfilling wishes and completing tasks without pay to show her honor. When her parents returned from Willowan, she met them with a hostile attitude. Since their reunion, they have not spoken.

Now Elly has become somewhat of a joke to the town. Since she has put so much effort into keeping her identity as a soldier of Aruclam a secret, she has let the negative rumors spread; rumors of her being a whore, backstabber, common thief, and others. To the delight of her and others close, her infamous face has begun to fade into the crowd. Isaac has hired her as one of his Royal Guards, though he thinks her to be a male named Jaseaca. With the recent attempt on Isaac’s life in the western slums, she is needed at his side more than ever. Slowly, her reputation is becoming nothing more than a memory of the slums seedier residents.

Elzeeda Ayame

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