Madelia Kuntun

muh-del-ee-uh kuhn-ton


This beautiful 5’9” young woman has envious shoulder length scarlet hair that matches her eyes. Her wide innocent eyes compliment her cute and puffy cheeks. Her ruffled off-white long sleeve shirt, covered by a dull red vest, and leather pants dispels the idea that a child is standing before you. She has an ornate scimitar on her side and a lengthy buckler covering her left forearm, the image of Morr’s head covering it with his horn being the most prominent part.


Ex-Leader of the Coffin Gang

Madelia had always been a spoiled rotten girl with people working underneath her. Born to the upper class of Aruclam, her parents enrolled her in Aruclam’s finest academy, but that was never what she wanted. Nothing made her happier than staying home from school and ordering her parent’s servants around, but when she was 16 years old her parents were robbed without any idea of who it was. Rumors began to circulate that Madelia had done it and was planning on running away with some boy. She denied the accusations, but could not answer her parents when they finally asked her peacefully. She started crying, begging them not to punish her. Her parents responded by calling off the search and explained their daughter had stolen the money, that everything was fine. When they returned home, the little bit of money they had left was gone…and so was their daughter.

Madelia joined the Coffin Gang, centered in the necropolis and western slums, shortly after abandoning her family. She impressed no one with her lack of street smarts, but was able to flirt with enough of the leaders to stay in. She was smart and learned quickly, even though she was never powerful enough to go on long raids of other gangs. Madelia would complain of stupid plans with goals that could be met in a much easier way. When she whined and complained long enough to several of the leaders, they finally listened to her. She was usually right; part of her teachings in school was to learn the city of Aruclam. This was about the only class she paid attention to since she thought she was going to have to run away someday. She drew out maps after learning where other gangs operated and began planning raids and robberies on her own without consulting those above her. She kept the stolen goods for herself and gave some to those that helped her. When she was approached by one of her superiors in the gang, rumored to be her boyfriend, she became outraged and had her lackeys through him out of her home. She declared war on those in her own gang and did it by shouting at them from atop a building to humiliate them. The war was waged in the slums and outside the necropolis for fear of outside interference.

After 3 months, she was finally able to assassinate the leader and take his spot. Of course, he could not die with dignity. She came to one of his many personal prostitutes and promised her freedom if she brought the gang leader to her. The frightened woman planned to escort the gang leader to the very roof war was declared from, where Madelia waited with several gang members. When the door opened, the leader and prostitute both were barraged with arrows as Madelia stood there watching. The leader barely survived and was dragged to an alley in the middle class marketplace, bleeding the whole way. He and the woman’s body were left there for the city guard to find. At first, it was reported that the gang leader was killed over a prostitute ring war between gangs, but Madelia could not hide her accomplishments. Bragging was in her blood and had her minions spread the truth throughout the city. From then on, her image was different. She no longer acted innocent, nor did she flirt with anyone. She took the title as Leader of the Coffin Gang and had proudly been an example for her men to follow. She rarely employed women, knowing they would distract the men, and had shown hostility towards others of her own sex who held power, even politicians.

Her end came at the hands of a once trusted friend. Getting to the top took alliances forged with the soldiers who held power over the masses. One of these soldiers was the kedasin Bulrin, who convinced Madelia to aid him in his cause to bring down the city of Aruclam. She joined him and Ganda in the hope that they could lead her to fortune. Instead, they turned her into a kedasin and her soul was lost to Lor. She died defending the paranoid kasai below the city, a race the true Madelia cared nothing about.

Madelia Kuntun

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