Lekellan Ellhan

Leh-kel-en El-hahn


An elf of average height with short, soft light brown hair. His eyes are thin, yet quite expressive. His whole face shines when he’s happy, but his angered and saddened looks can kill an atmosphere. He wears fine greens and whites, the kind of outfits one would wear to a special occasion. Based on his posture and the servant-like tone of his voice, most get the idea he is trying to impress someone at all times. His fidgety motions can make others uncomfortable, especially when he has his longbow grasped.


Archer in the Willowan Army

The Willowan elf Lekellan is one of the few elves of his proud kind living in Aruclam. Lekellan has fought alongside Aruclam in most attacks against the city in the past 40 years, expecting the city would keep him instead of sending him back to Willowan, his beloved homeland that he currently is at ends with. But after joining the Coffin Gang in the hopes of earning some respect as an assassin, the Crier Isaac Alvindross feels he must send the young boy home now that he is a threat to the peace.

Even with the Crier after him, Lekellan might have avoided deportation had he not helped the young warlock Maigalas break into Kendos, the eastern mage tower. It turns out the boy wanted to get arrested and Lekellan ended up in the western slums prison. Now the elf may be sent back to Willowan and may also be charged with attempting to assassinate Isaac. Since he did not agree to fight Widgon alogside the party, his chances of being returned are nearly set in stone.

Lekellan Ellhan

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