Calan Prael

Cal-an Prayl


This clean-cut, 6’2” man stands straight up and shines pride. The short, light brown haired soldier looks more like a captain as he towers over others in his gleaming chain mail armor, heavy shield, and longsword, all bearing the red eagle emblem of Aruclam. His slightly wrinkled face and tight lipped frown give him a look beyond his age.


Ex-First Lieutenant of Aruclam’s Inner City Militia

The Prael family is one of the only known clans of lorsai. Originally from Dira’ma (where their name was spelled Pra’el), they were exiled some time ago for creating spells without permission from their Zo’lamin. They quickly escaped to the detached continent of Kunass, hoping to be left alone by the rest of the world; ironically, it was one of their own, Calan, who pulled them back into the spotlight.

Before Calan was born, a member of his family killed an elven baby who had been born a twin. It is believed by lorsai that twins prove the absence of their god Lor and kill them at all costs. The angel Tileer resurrected the child and kept the Prael name locked inside his memory. When the angel heard years later that Calan and his demon-worshiping wife, Saddy, were praying for a child, he came to them promising a blessing. He performed a ritual to impregnate Saddy, not telling them their child had been blessed with the blood of Corellon. Tileer had hoped the child would teach the family in the ways of the good god. But when Saddy gave birth to twins, Calan tried to kill his newborns. Tileer, who had been watching, flew in and saved the children, bringing them to Aruclam and giving them to the orphanage owners, Belna and Gisba.

But Calan was not through. Convinced Tileer and Saddy had an affair, he left his wife and came to Aruclam, seeking his children and the “evil” Tileer. He enlisted in the army where he met the seedy Bulrin, a soldier loaded with rumors and friends. With his help, Calan found his boys in the orphanage and was able to kill one before Gisba fought him off. This infuriated the falling Tileer and so he kidnapped Calan, asked his ally Ganda to turn the lorsai into a kedasin, and had Calan’s other son, the Alu’nom Angus, touch his father. This left Calan covered in red hand prints that would stay with him the rest of his life.

Tileer then left Calan to the kasai below the city, expecting them to tear apart their enemy. Instead, they made the kedasin their High Mind since, even though he was an enemy, he would lead them to the Kedas and, perhaps, the Eyes of Bitana. But he did not. Though kedasins seek out the Kedas, they still have their normal goals to fulfill. By this time, Calan had grown close enough to Bulrin to meet the man pulling the strings of many illicit clans and gangs in Aruclam: Alance. The Uderin elf, Alance, had a plan to tear down the city and Calan was happy to help. Under the politician, Calan, Bulrin, and the elf Ithil Luthis led the Forsaken Dragon Raiders into the city in the hopes they could bring down Crier Isaac Alvindross’ corrupt leadership. During the invasion, Calan hunted down Angus, but was stopped by Belna who died fighting the enraged kedasin.

Though she perished fighting the cursed soldier, her stand may have been what was needed to rescue Angus. Saddy, who had tracked her husband, came for her only child left on the night of the invasion. She took him down below the city and hid him with the Heavenly Slayers. Calan did what he could in the chaos of the raid, but could not locate his final target. It would not be till years later, on the night the party glowed red, that he would have another chance. Unfortunately, Angus and her new companions were too much. The robust group defeated his minions and reached him at a time when he tried to fight his own curse. It left him battered and confused. He was turned over to the Avotion Soldiers and freed of his possession.

However, it is now known that even though the smog and electricity of Lor can be removed from a kedasin, the mind will never heal. Calan still wished for the Kedas in his heart and he was still a true lorsai. Once freed, he returned to Bulrin, his only friend. But Bulrin had revealed every last secret to gain the trust of the party. Instead of hunting the Kedas, he and Calan were thrown in prison for attempting to steal from the Tall Tail Tavern’s basement. Calan currently sits in prison.

Calan Prael

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