Mana Savowra

man-uh suh-vow-ruh


A colossal gold dragon whose frame shows his love of food. This gluttonous creature, however, has not completely let his body go to waste as his visible strength is sure to demolish all that stand in his way. He has twin frills that begin at the back of his brows and raise slowly till they reach the middle of his neck where they begin to descend down to his back. His wings do the same, starting short at his shoulder, but quickly raise to their full height and then begin to shrink as they extend back.


Self-Righteous Gold Dragon

This plump gold dragon has been living on Lantafinsayf for more than a thousand years, but his presence has only recently been felt. Now known for being a thorn in the Dragon Raiders side, Mana refuses to believe they have strayed from their horrible tendencies of the past. The Raiders claim to only harm evil dragons, but Mana refutes by saying he has been targeted multiple times by their soldiers. What makes this an awkward affair is that the Raiders do not argue this last point. In the past, the Dragon Raiders felt it was necessary to get the jump on Mana while patrolling the Lazorian Mountains where Mana lives. Each say they were defending themselves on every occasion, but it’s hard to say where each one happened.

The Dragon Raiders say they let each known good dragon have their own territory, promising to stay out of it unless forced to deal with a problem. Mana, however, has claimed the entire mountain range for himself. He argues that the range was formed by Bahamut when Lantafinsayf was created, but the Raiders claim that is much too large; this would invade the territories of at least a dozen other dragons. Mana says he lets his own kind travel through the area, but not the Raiders.

Unfortunately for anyone seeking justice in this situation, they will find that almost every encounter has happened within five miles of Mana’s home. Some would say this would mean the Raiders are at fault, but the reason for their “invasion” for each occurrence was to travel through. However, the attack that stands out the most is the one that Mana staged against the Dragon Raider’s home, Castor, ten years ago. Under the darkness of night, Mana flew from the Lazorian Mountains and burned several barracks to the ground, killing dozens of soldiers. The Dragon Raiders say it was unprovoked, but no one who understands dragons questions a gold dragon’s actions. Has a true representation of good finally been tainted? Were the Raiders too much for Mana? No one knows, and he speaks to few.

Mana Savowra

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