Bulrin Cashel



This fat, and ugly 5’5” man looks like he has just enough muscles to move his chubby frame, but yet his speed is remarkable. Built with the face of a bulldog, Bulrin parts his desirable brown hair, hoping to cover his sagging cheeks. His clothes are typically well-fitting and appealing, used as another distraction from his looks. He carries no weapons other than a few knifes an average criminal carries with them.


Ex-Soldier, Criminal

Bulrin was born into a rich family that didn’t want children. Ignored for most of his life, Bulrin found glee only in satisfying himself. He never learned to see the world through the views of others and never cared to. Without help from any one, Bulrin grew up poor and full of greed. He found work first as a servant, and then as a soldier before inheriting his parents wealth when they were mysteriously murdered in their home. To this day he still smirks at every remark that links him to their deaths.

Living off his free riches, Bulrin turned himself into a treasure hunter who eventually met Victoria, a woman who was as greedy as him. The two married, and Bulrin turned his extravagant life into a bizarre hobby. Instead of searching dungeons, he now wandered the sewers seeking the dead with jewelry left behind. Instead of joining adventurers, he joined gangs and discovered information of treasure he could steal.

Bulrin can not recall exactly when, but at some point he discovered the underground city of Lor where he developed the dark curse. He has since been taken to the realm of Heaven and is now cured, but his life has been turned upside down. While under the curse, he joined the Coffin Gang of Aruclam and aided in attacks all over the slums. He led innocent people, including Calan Prael, into the city of Lor to become cursed like he. Though he would have done neither of these before being cursed, the most shocking realization once freed was knowing he had let the Forsaken Raiders take Victoria 3 years ago when they raided the city. But he has now recovered from her loss and his goals are unclear even to those closest.

Bulrin Cashel

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