Very little is known of this kasai from Okendro. For eons he was described as a human wearing black until it was discovered what his race looked like.


Tyrannical God of the Kasai

Lor was the Alu’nom who betrayed and led the rebellion against Bitana thousands of years ago in the realm of Okendro. Following this uprising, his world fell into anarchy as the remaining Alu’nom, their world’s only other leaders, hid in the mountains. Lor knew he had only himself to blame and so went to the Alu’nom, asking for forgiveness and admitting he was wrong. After showing his turn of emotions (and ability to lead the kasai), the Alu’nom chose him to be their new god and placed him in the center of the Five Eyes of Bitana. He became a new Bitana, much more tyrannical than the original one. Even so, the kasai and Alu’nom were still able rebel against him. Once again, the kasai were victorious, but not for long.

Lor knew he would lose and so disintegrated his own body before his brethren could revel in their win. His freed spirit, weak and blind, clung to the Five Eyes of Bitana since they still remained in tact. He told the Alu’nom to use his severed soul, known as the Kedas, to discover those who were full of sin, and remove their eye so that the faithful would remain in line. When all dissenters had been identified, Lor’s spirit would return to the form of Bitana and he alone would rule the world.

But the destruction of Okendro led to his race dying off and so all of his follower’s work had been in vain. Now, as his race returns, Lor’s resurrection has once again become a possibility. Despite the hatred most kasai have for this tyrannical ruler, there are some of the race who will do what it takes to bring back their beloved father. Known as the lorsai, these few have the blood of Lor in them. None are Alu’nom (the ritual was never performed on them), but all can trace their family’s roots to him. Unlike most other gods, Lor had mated compulsively with his followers in order to guarantee their faith. Now, these lorsai mean to use the Kedas for the only purpose they serve: the resurrection of Lor.


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