Roma (Has not been updated for 4th edition)



Tall and muscular, Roma looks like an awkward wizard, someone who doesn’t belong in his dull gray robe. He never holds a weapon and carries little on him. His bald head has several long scars along the top and his face has a stern and aged look. His eyes are sunk deep into his head and his lips are sealed. He holds his head out, neck parallel to the ground. His arms are either crossed on his chest or his hands are clasped in front of his waist.


Ex-Greater Dabus of the Abyss

Roma was born before the planes were made, making him one of the oldest creatures in the world when he died. His race is long gone, but at some point he chose to adopt a humanoid look. His true appearance is still a mystery.

As the Lady of Pain was choosing powerful beings to be the Greater Dabus’ of the planes, she was approached by the now deceased god Rezengross. He asked for one of his followers, Roma, to rule over the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus. She accepted his request and went to Roma, discovering that he wanted to rule the Infinite Layers of the Abyss instead. She was busy at work and did not have time, so she named him Greater Dabus of the Abyss. He then came to the evil plane looking for minions to work for him and was the first one to dive beyond the first layer (the first denizens of the abyss, obryths, refused to dive into the unknown). On the 663 layer he found mutated and disfigured creatures that wished for a god they could call their own. They offered to preform a ceremony for him, naming him their god. Roma could not refuse.

Rezengross flew through the developing planes when he heard where Roma was, intending on punishing him when he reached the defying mortal. But the creatures did not tell Roma what was in store and ripped him apart while the onlooking demons spat blood and fire at him. He was sucked into the sky above, screaming at the top of his lungs from the unbearable pain. Roma became the sky, the ground, the entire layer. When Rezengross breached the layer, Roma turned the gray clouds into claws and began to slash at his god. The horrified deity fled, later dying of his wounds. Out of anger, Roma killed all of his new worshipers, leaving him alone and trapped on the 663 layer. The incredible power the mutants had given him confined him. He was now a prisoner.

As time went on, Roma’s depression was suppressed by his ability to see all that walked onto his plane. He waited for them to come to his layer, later called Taconderan, and would dominate, control, kill, duplicate, or do anything else to them he could think of. It was not until the talented and immortal Brama walked on to Taconderan that he gave himself a new goal. Brama had memories that he could not reach, but Roma could see them perfectly. He saw a deadly relic known as the Death Esper and began a campaign to get it. He controlled Brama without him ever knowing and bestowed incredible power in him. While searching through his mind, Roma discovered that Brama once had a powerful army at his side. He resurrected the five generals that served him in the War of Evonas and trained them to fight the Protector of the Espers, Yuanini.

The Juggernaut were the first to ruin his plans when they killed the generals on the Prime Material Plane, derailing Elmen Draator’s and Doyec Notelex’s faith in him. He never fully regained Doyec or Elmen, but was able to resurrect the generals with a price. Though the generals had their memories, they had to be retrained to find them all over again, taking time. Brama’s second attempt to recover the Death Esper, and his second defeat, was when the Avengers and Juggernaut teamed up to all but slay Brama and the rest of his minions. Brama was only saved because the Lady of Pain sent him back to the Abyss for a time of imprisonment. She was completely unaware of what exactly Roma was doing. During the time his host was stuck on Taconderan, Roma began to raise an army led by Venkelos, a Katrin that was not resurrected through Brama’s memory. This was a mortal who thought he was working for Brama, not Roma. The Greater Dabus chose to keep him in the dark through lobotomies and false memories. When he began to learn the truth on his own, Roma ran into his third blockaid.

Venkelos’s betrayal, later joined by Roma’s other minions, was strengthened by the power of the Crusaders. Roma’s greatest weapon was the ability to turn anyone to his side by simply filling their lungs with the air of Taconderan. The Crusaders were immune to the effect and were finally able to kill Brama, freeing him from Roma’s grasp. But Roma was not through; he saved as many of his soldiers as he could and began a new search for something entirely different: revenge against his enemy Sean Voipt. Though forgotten by most, Roma had a chance to leave the Abyss. When the Lady of Pain finished constructing the planet Lantafinsayf, she needed a Greater Dabus for it. Roma asked her to choose him, but the duty went to Sean Voipt instead. Roma was never offered another chance to break his curse and held a deep hatred for Voipt.

When they finally faced off, Roma lost, falling for a trap. The Greater Dabus of Lantafinsayf had one of several powerful artifacts, the Lady’s Crown, and used it to reveal Asmodeus’ true form to Roma. Those who gaze upon him, the maker of the world, are trapped in the almighty’s domain, deep below the evil planes. There, Roma sits, most likely being tortured until he is able to break free or until someone finally defeats Asmodeus.

Roma (Has not been updated for 4th edition)

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