Sel'bara Ka'fin

sell-bar-uh kuh-fin


An elderly man with slick, pushed back light gray hair that reaches the back of his neck. His beard is the same light color and his eyes look restless. He always wears a fine white robe with ten sticks coming out of his decorated shoulders. Five come out of each shoulder, each one five feet long. He sometimes wields a staff with the symbol of Zudababez on the top.


Ex-Major Kasai of Dira’ma

Sel’bara was an alias of the Brama General Beldarim Monzat who ran Dira’ma through Brama’s wishes. Sel’bara was strict and harsh. His knowledge of Zuda and what he desired impressed even the most educated of Dira’ma’s wizards. He was a man of few words and used his Minor Kasai very seldom. He became famous when he failed to have the Juggernaut killed; something Dira’ma has always been ashamed of. His reputation in the city began to sink after that, with one of the Minor Kasai separating himself from the Major.

The other Minor Kasai, Ah’rami De’yo, was in league with Sel’bara and had the other one killed under extremely questionable circumstances. Around the time the Juggernaut perished to the Tarrasque, Sel’bara had created a wide rift between those who would follow the Major Kasai to the ends of the earth and those that would follow Zudababez. But then suddenly, there was harmony in the city once again. The mages against Sel’bara realized that his mistake was caused by arrogance, the same flaw Zudababez had. When Sel’bara moved his central location to Mooreen and created New Dira’ma, the ones who originally were against him offered to stay in the current city and rule by his side. He allowed it and then, when the Juggernaut died, he, along with Nanad (parading around as the escaped Dira’ma prisoner Vager Nekets), took all of the essence out of the world and created two incredibly powerful beings. One was named Bel’da’rim after the arrogant Brama General, and the other was named Saidom, after the feared creature in Dira’ma. With no essence in the world, all spells failed and the mages left in Dira’ma discovered a horrible truth. Magic being used by their deceased god Zudababez was holding up the city and it collapsed, killing them all.

New Dira’ma stood for five years before the Avengers and Juggernaut toppled it, sending the image of Sel’bara into a heap with the pathetic historical figures. Beldarim shed the name and used his own proudly. But the sound and history of Sel’bara still had an effect on some. Beldarim picked it up again when Roma used what he had left of Brama’s memories. As Sel’bara, he came back to Lantafinsayf to see who he could attract to Brama’s cause, but the only ones a deceased Major Kasai has power over are those that dwell in Dira’ma. The name Sel’bara represented two things to them: a defier and a tyrant. Only Zudababez has control over them now and all saw through the disguise. Though he is dead, Sel’bara’s name brings thoughts of anger and hatred to the people of Dira’ma who wish to dispel their warmongeringĀ  image. It may be to late though; outsiders still look at the city as an evil. Over 100 years after his death, Sel’bara’s face is still in their minds…smiling.

Sel'bara Ka'fin

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