Sidakreeth was last seen at an opening to the underdark just outside Kreeom, but no one was able to advance towards him. The goddess Lolth had placed her aura in him and it allowed her minions to flee down below. With all drow out of Notelex, he followed them into the deep and a furious mob of humans and dwarves gave chase. They never found him though, giving up when they reached the first of the three dwarven cities that were destroyed by the war.

The King of Caimon, Tileer, was praised by many of his townsfolk for his leadership in a war that surely would have been lost by all others. But the men and their families that were separated when he left them up in Gaelin demanded that he give up his title as King. They acknowledged he was a good commander, but he did not have the vision-of-all that is demanded of the leaders of Kunass. This, in addition to him being a drow, was the reason he stepped down shortly after the Dark Surge.

As time passed, the mages around the world that were in contact with Major Kasai Gel’ana Ma’Tul’o during the Dark Surge told stories of his leadership and guidance. The Major Kasai was hailed as a hero and soon all Dira’man wizards traveling outside of their home were asked to thank Gel’ana. They would become enraged, insisting that it was the common man’s ignorance that caused the Dark Surge. Once again, a dark spot was placed on the image of Dira’ma. Arrogance became the word used to describe visitors from the city of magic and they began cutting off their communications with the world…again.

Widgon Sjinusoal was never actually seen during the war. He has since returned to the Now Region and claims to be friendly to all his visitors even though he is known for being a terrible liar.

Cassalwolf and Shora, the largest cities in Northern Briom, have become much friendlier to the outside world. This, along with the peace now between Northern and Southern Kunass, caused some historians to look upon this war with a smile.

Heaven Kross II and Aruclam took pride that they dealt with Sidakreeth the way they did and made sure to let the world know. Some felt that this was dampening the credit given to the upper planes and Aruclam was despised by more people than before the war. Though these critics may have changed their minds about the city when they finally visited it for the first time, few went back to looking at King Kross II as a hero.


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