Kidnapping the Dragons of Lish Hom Non

On 15,149 Dirom 38, it was Niota Rellum (nee-oh-tuh rel-oom), a red dragon, who first discovered Sidakreeth and his drow sitting at the back of his hoard. Arrogance took control as the dragon lunged at them instead of going for help. Niota later recalled being overpowered by magic that imitated the appearance of the dark smoke Brama used to dominate his dragon generals, but he insists he never gave into it. While Niota used all his might to resist the magic, Sidakreeth jumped on the back of his neck and ripped through the bottom of his jaw. His drow followers climbed through the wound and jabbed at the inside of his mouth and throat. The pain was too much and Niota cried out. Sidakreeth knocked the dragon unconscious and they dragged him below, hoping the other dragons would follow. When they did not, Sidakreeth wanted answers.

He tortured Niota for weeks, using acid, poison, spiking him to a wall, and dragging him through swarms of undead. When he finally talked, he said everything. Niota’s pride did not just get beaten, but it was completely dissolved. All he wanted was to leave and so he told them which caves were home to the most powerful dragons of Lish Hom Non, which dragons were the easiest to ambush, and some of their daily routines. The drow took Niota to a cave that exited the city of Rovinsa and melded his four legs and tail to the wall, turning the surrounding rock to the red of his scales. His head and chest stuck out prominently so that the dragons they were about to abduct could see which dragon turned on them. Sidakreeth then ordered no less than 500 drow to head to the surface without him and kidnap the Goerinn of each family (the head of the family).

Sidakreeth did not realize that the reason the dragons did not follow weeks ago was because they were preparing themselves for the next attack. Lish Hom Non has never had a problem sacrificing one of its own to assure the safety of the others. Zalri Vidda Rellum (the Zalri is the leader of Lish Hom Non) had ordered none to follow Niota and instead asked them to watch the cave he was taken through every hour of every day. Zalri Vidda also ordered all dragons to set up a way to teleport to Niota’s hoard in case they attempted a second offense. When the drow finally returned to the hoard on 15,149 Tesler 16, the dragons struck swiftly. More then half of all family members were ordered by Vidda to stop them at the hoard while the rest, including all family Goerinn, were told to watch other possible ways into Lish Hom Non. The drow fled almost immediately and the arrogant dragons, who had told no one outside of their valley, followed. There would be no prisoners today as the dragons slaughtered every drow they could reach, but the power of Sidakreeth kept the elves moving at an incredible rate. Vidda demanded his minions return to the valley, but their lust for revenge was too strong. Vidda had the Goerinn’s take secret passages down to where the dragons were heading to halt their chase. The remaining family members and Vidda would continue to watch over Lish Hom Non. This proved fatal since Sidakreeth had been monitoring the dragons who remained on the surface the whole time. When the Goerinn’s used their secret paths, Sidakreeth knew how to overtake the valley. As the frenzying dragons, the fleeing drow, and the hostile Goerinn were racing towards Niota’s passageway, Sidakreeth released over half his drow. They clogged every cave within 3 miles and charged to the surface. Some died trying to pass the dragons and the Goerinn, but most were taking other paths. The Goerinns did their best to telepathically tell Vidda what they were seeing, but he could not prepare in time.

The drow that met with the dragons in the caves began to fight chaotically like a pack of barbarians. Drow normally do not swarm like this and the dragons knew it and responded by fleeing, hoping to regroup on the surface. But it was the same story in their valley. Vidda pulled all dragons from the caves and joined with them at the base of the valley for one last stand. It was here Vidda realized his true mistake. Because he did not fear the drow returning, knowing Niota lost the struggle because he was arrogant, he impartially sent the dragons down below. He did not think to keep his personal guardians, the Ricas, for protection in case the worst happened. The dragons he had left surrounding him were not used to being placed in this situation and reacted vengefully when the drow flooded from their caves. They abandoned Vidda and each one fought a different group of drow. Spreading out allowed the swarms to strike the backs of them and they were soon all defeated. Vidda was the last to fall, fighting from atop the peaks surrounding Lish Hom Non.

Kidnapping the Dragons of Lish Hom Non

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