Lish Hom Non

Pronounced: lish hahm nahn

To the East of Mount Rebecca on the continent of Briom. It is a valley that lies deep in the Chaimerin Mountains.

One dragon, the Zalri (zahl-ree), leads the valley. Next in command are the Rica (righ-kuh), or the six Great Guardians of the Zalri. Third in command are the four Mathasers (math-uh-zer), or the generals of Lizh Hom Non. Finally, each dragon family has a “head”, they are the Goerinn (goe-ur-in). All other dragons are apart of the Hadem (Hah-dem). The closest translation for this word is “sacred citizens.” Together, all the dragons of Lish Hom Non call themselves “The Choir of Bahamut” and claim to be closer to both Tiamat and Bahamut than all other dragons on Lantafinsayf.

History Lish Hom Non (or “Valley of the Dragons” in Elven) is home to ten dragon families. All live in relative harmony with each other, despite some are chromatic and some are metallic. It is said that when Tiamat broke off from Bahamut, all dragons had to choose a side. Those that were metallic stayed with Bahamut while the tainted chromatic ones left with Tiamat. Since the rest of the world had forgotten Lantafinsayf, the dragons of Lish Hom Non were unaware that their kind were waging an extraplanar war.

Lish Hom Non currenty sits on Briom, but has not always been there. It was originally called Lish Gol Bon (lish goal bahn), or “Dragon Fury Valley” and sat in the valley that Dira’ma was built in. There, they built a dragon size castle known as “Hianfriashcken” (high-an-free-uh-shken) that placed its doors at the top of the mounatins surrounding it while the thrown room reached the floor of Lish Gol Bon. The area around the valley, mounatins and plains alike, was known as Rela Gorn. This was sacred territory and only dragons were allowed to walk on it. Every so often, the Zalri would hold a gathering that called all the dragons of Lantafinsayf, except the evil fang dragons, to Lish Gol Bon where they could discuss politics, enemies, and other dragon worries. From around the year 3,000 till the year 7,000 the dragons ruled Lanta from this valley. Conflict between dragons around the world, especially reds and golds, were common and rarely caused problems for others. But the growing fight between the Krifan (gold) and Rellum (red) families eventually broke down the power the dragons had over the planet. This, along with the increase in the human population, eventually ended the Dragon Era.

Ten of the dragon families that still believed they could rule again gathered in a new home as the humans overtook Lish Gol Bon. This new area was on Briom in the deep dragon family Naserdon’s territory. They made their home in the valley now known as Lish Hom Non and ignored the rest of the world until they felt their time to rule returned. But in the year 14,589, a powerful wizard named Terro discovered the valley and used the powerful Lizkill Curse to send it to the Black Lands. Though the dragons knew where they were, their atmosphere did not change. They still resented the world and stayed in ther valley, even though it had moved. It was not until the short tempered Hellema Rellum went searching for Terro did anything change.

Hellema Rellum was an immense and angry red dragon with a secret past. He was so uncontrollably reckless that he turned to the untrustworthy mercenary Har’ka for help. He promised the extraplanar mercenary Elmen Draator’s soul in exchange for the location of Terro’s long dead body (Terro’s body had to be mutilated to undo the curse). Har’ka had gotten another offer from someone for Elmen’s soul so he took the deal hoping to kill two birds with one stone. But when Har’ka discovered Terro’s body, the dragons of Lish Hom Non had already discovered it. Hellema left Har’ka without giving him what he wanted; Hellema did not realize that Har’ka never goes unpaid. The body was mutilated and the valley returned back to Lantafinsayf, but the red dragon never saw his home again. Har’ka appeared above Lish Hom Non and drove his glaive through Hellema’ massive chest, sucking his soul into the weapon with few complaints from the rest of the Hadem.

Soon after, a peace was made between the Briom city Mooreen and Lish Hom Non and the valley was no longer feared by the rest of the world. The dragons still had one more pain to suffer though. In 15,149, the drow led by Sidakreeth abducted and tortured almost all of the Hadem. When it was over, they refused to speak of it to anyone. The dragon’s pride had been damaged and they felt ashamed to consult with the outside world. The last thing reported from the valley was a massive fight between the families, leading some to believe maybe the dragons are about to wage a war against each other that will consume all continents of Lantafinsayf.


1st Note = M (Mature), MA (Mature Adult), O (Old), VO (Very Old), Anc (Ancient), W = Wyrm, GW (Great Wyrm) p=. 2nd Note = F (Female), M (Male)


Vidda Rellum

Dahminoor Nmona (GW, M) Hadreuem Teseron (GW, M)
Mordez Mularog (GW, M) Koram Ellmir (Anc, M)
Lisama Rellum (W, F) Rogam Mularog (W, M)

Martakha Mularog (GW, M) Mycho Areala (GW, F, Ex-Rica)
Aidrok Mularog (GW, M) Misia Naserdon (GW, F)

Aashin family Copper Buschoren family Shadow Ellmir family Black Esovoz family Silver
Humista (Goerinn, GW, F) Jokesp (Goerinn, GW, M) Myjere (Goerinn, GW, F) Gevis (Goerinn, GW, M)
Bekita (MA, F) Fantykif (VO, F) Jesma (O,F) Dequel (O, F)
Dovenoth (VO, M) Lakyka (VO, F) Jya (GW, F) Ellonth (VO, F)
Olijom (MA, M) Rabanin (GW, M) Kesta (W, M) Gedelamok (GW, M)
Kepala (W, F) Sehckale (VO, M) Peshantic (GW, M) Hidero (VO, M)
Vitoz (GW, M) Tinaak (O, M) - Iryfet (MA, M)
Wedloli (W, F) - Nojhon family Black Kulsha (Anc, M)
- Naserdon family Deep Asujoh (Goerinn, GW, M) -
Mularog family Red Lisydan (Goerinn, GW, F) Darin (MA, M) Reggrel family Emerald
Vockhas (Goerinn, GW, M) Adryn (Anc, M) D=.asilyn (VO, F) Hyorel (Goerinn, W, M)
Hafrik (VO, M) Bakel (VO, M) Easej (VO, M) Axkemin (O, M)
Karr (W, M) Damana (Anc, F) Ganem (GW, M) Buveti (Anc, F)
Logryn (O, M) Hiide (O, F) Haras (W, M) Lemeta (W, F)
Polyshinas (VO, F) Jonas (O, F) Hersainam (Anc, M) Owmi (MA, F)
Zogrot (Anc, M) Naje (MA, F) Indesn (VO, F) Pehlox (W, M)
- Nijebnam MA, M) Jinust (O, M) Tidias (W, M)
Rellum family Red Nire (W, M) Lenedar (Anc, M) Tevadar (MA, M)
Ujosha (Goerinn, W, M) Rodjan (W, M) Naled (VO, M)
Adella (MA, F) - Niliad (GW, F)
Dekan (W, M) Teseron family Shadow Noja (VO, M)
Fudoq (MA, M) Dref (Goerinn, G, M) Nytona (VO, F)
Kisini (O, F) Helrik (W, M) Pula (W, F)
Lasun (MA, M) Jarkes (Anc, M) Rycal (VO, M)
Mysan (Anc, F) Merkilyb (MA, M) Sanoras (VO, M)
Niota (GW, M) Mija (O, F) Sekoth (GW, M)
Zhenor (M, MA) Mya (O, F)
- Myjere (VO, F)
- Najana (GW, F)
- Rine (Anc, M)

Lish Hom Non

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