Session I Recap

There will probably be no more sessions like the first one and so no other session will be divided up like the way this is. Future sessions will play out like other games, but this one had everyone acting alone while everyone else was able to listen in. So, with that in mind, everyone is allowed to read all scenes. The player notation is just to remind players which scenes they were in and to let everyone memorize the other PC’s names. This summary is to the point. Like, to the “extreme” point. It’s written this way so people can reference what happened in past sessions in case they get lost.

It was the first day of the year 15,210 and Aruclam hung in a controlled state of excitement. The elves, halflings, gnomes, and goblins celebrated the new year in their own ways, from their own districts, but the rest of Aruclam stayed dull. Soldiers drudged to their posts, citizens unenthusiastically opened their shops, and the people went about their business. For a select few though, this would be no normal day.

Scene I – PCs: Shane (Joe), Nyman (Ed)
As Shane approached the Tall Tail Tavern for his interview with Solstace and Nyman, a teenager with a scar on his forehead ran in front of him. A fat and bulky man who stood talking outside a nearby home attempted to stop the boy, but was knocked to the ground by the rather feeble looking kid. As obvious gang members eyed the hurt man, he got back to his feet and went back to his business. It was just another violent event in the western slums of Aruclam.
Once inside the tavern, Shane was escorted upstairs where his two bosses explained that the kid he had thrown out the other day, Ollis, was the son of two wealthy citizens of Aruclam, Stila and Grenar Caith, and they had come to Solstace seeking an apology. Solstace told Shane he could keep his job, but would be deducted one week’s pay.

Scene II – PCs: Mericho (Lisa), Angus (Rachel)
Mericho Ayame and her friends (Yemy, Arla, and Gevin) stood behind the curtain waiting for it to be raised, signaling their graduation from the Green Crescent Temple and their recognition as peacemakers. In the pews sat an audience of over one hundred people, including Davos, Angus, and Mericho’s sister and brother (Elly and Ruby). Also in the rows, unexpectedly, was Mericho’s friend Lekellan and his disliked companion, Tanit. As the curtain rose and the ceremony got underway, Mericho was given a black vase that held the ashes of her father, Akulla, and was told Davos had given them as collateral for initiation into the temple.
When it was over, Mericho joined her family and they headed back to the Ayame family’s house in the western slums. From there, they went their separate ways with Mericho staying home to take care of her chubby young brother. Elly went to train with the Aruclam Army, as she did everyday, and Davos and Angus went to Davos’ home in the middle class residence district. However, Davos returned to Mericho’s home to ask for Akulla’s ashes back, saying they were given to him by Mericho’s missing mother, Dwerra.

Scene III – PCs: Angus
When Davos and Angus reached their home, they saw a group of red-haired Briom elves waiting for them. Angus went into the home and watched as Davos unhappily spoke with them about matters Angus could not hear. When Davos came back into the home, he took Angus downstairs, promising to “experiment” on her one last time. He threw a heavy black chest onto the rack and asked for the boy to close his eyes and touch what was inside. Davos begged Angus not to open his eyes no matter what and the boy complied. The object inside felt like glass for but a moment before it seared Angus’ flesh. The boy pulled it out quickly and watched as Davos desperately tried to keep the chest shut. A black smoke was trying to escape and Davos called for Angus to grab the gold statue of the dragon Mana Savowra. The boy spoke to it in draconic and a ghost-like form of the beast appeared, helping Davos shut the chest.
The two then went back upstairs as Davos explained that Angus was most likely a weapon to be used against his enemies, but Angus would hear none of it and went to his room, bothered by the way Davos had been acting.

Scene IV – PCs: Anor (Ebo)
Anor’s unusually busy day began with two separate meetings. The first was with his friend Ohzel Lanaosh, a man who had failed to start a resistance against the Dragon Raider’s Head Commander, Ithil Luthis. He told Anor that a ranking official from the Raiders was secretly meeting him, an associate named Bulrin, and anyone else who was interested in dethroning Ithil. Anor agreed and Ohzel left, opening the door for Anor’s next guest. This time, it was an angel in disguise who had asked specifically for Anor. The creature, Emai, gave Anor almost no time to prepare for his powerful presence and asked Anor to aid them in the fight against the demons alongside Blaine. Anor did not have to decide now, but would have to in the future.
After that, his odd day continued. He was ordered to meet with the wealthy citizens Stila and Grenar Caith about a private matter. When he reached their home, he saw that they had both been brutally slain and the only evidence to who it could have been was a small, bloody hand print. Members of the Aruclam’s Western Guard relieved Anor and he headed for the western gate. There, his father, Elian, was arguing with two soldiers. When he saw Anor, he calmed down knowing his son was with him and then dropped the matter. Anor then went to his post and waited for his meeting with Ohzel.

Scene V – PCs: Tomago (Jeff)
On the first day of the new year, Tomago had a busy morning. As he inspected the bodies of two murdered guards, Aruclam’s semi-famous seer, Jaheza, approached him and demanded that Tomago work for him no matter what. Jaheza presented no plans for the dwarf, but said that he was in danger and that Tomago must protect him. Tomago agreed and the annoyed seer stormed off. Tomago was then visited by a member of the Western Guard, Ohzel Lanaosh, and was asked to join a campaign to dethrone the Dragon Raiders Head Commander, Ithil Luthis. Ohzel explained that Tomago was chosen because of his knowledge of Castor and his loyalty, mainly to Cacinos during all the punishing years he worked for him. Tomago happily agreed and Ohzel asked him to meet him again later that night.

Scene VI – PCs: Freya (Becky)
On the afternoon of the first day of the year, the orphanage owner, Gisba, told Freya that Daisin and the Ehlonna cleric Ozuk were waiting for her at the Spiral Temple. She met them and the two seemed unsure of what to say. Just then, a man named Ohzel Lanaosh walked in and said he had been a friend of Ozuk’s for quite sometime. He also explained that he was intrigued by not only Freya’s unprecedented feat of being the only female allowed into the Aruclam Army, but also by her age, 14, and her faith. Ohzel thought that those three traits might allow her admittance into the office of Yulaf, the Head Master of Aruclam’s Wizard’s Guilds, for some questioning.

Scene VII – PCs: Mericho
While Mericho babysat her brother Ruby, her friends Arla, Yemy, Lekellan, Gevin, and Ollis showed up to keep her company. As the group sat around talking about the graduation party, Ollis revealed he didn’t want to go, saying he was afraid of the mass murderer that was supposedly on his way to Aruclam. While the rest ridiculed him, Elly came in through the front door, causing the room to fall silent. Mericho told Ollis he could babysit Ruby later if he didn’t want to go to the Tall Tail Tavern. He agreed and the group said good bye. After they left, Elly smiled and was happy to let Mericho and Ruby know she had a date with the elderly, and wealthy human, Lord Cacinos.

Scene VIII – PCs: Shane
When Shane arrived in the Necropolis to meet with Master Kasai Wo’av’Alock, he was escorted by two of the many newcomers to the Heavenly Slayers. They took him to Wo’av’Alock where he sadly informed Shane that Belna had been killed and her skeleton was disposed down into the sewers. The Kasai promised to seek revenge on whoever did this. Several other Slayers believed Davos was behind it since he was the last one to see her alive, but Wo’av’Alock denied this.

Scene IX – PCs: Tomago, Anor
Though Ohzel said others were suppose to be present at the gathering, only Anor, Ohzel, Tomago, and Bulrin showed up. Ohzel seemed disheartened that no one else came and the situation turned sour with Bulrin’s entrance. The man was in a panic and came in badly hurt. Tomago cured his wrist, but the hand-shaped bruise on his chest did not go away. Bulrin’s news about the arrival of the Dragon Raider Captain Ediva Leon gave hope to infiltrating the Raiders, but shortly after this was said, Crier Isaac Alvindross came into the room. He told the four that Ediva had been killed by Rook, the man believed to be a mass murderer heading towards Aruclam. Isaac did not seem concerned with the purpose of the meeting, but did say he had been expecting to meet her for other reasons. Isaac was convinced the teacher and mage Davos Wellvin had summoned Rook to Aruclam. He ordered Bulrin, a man who had deserted the Aruclam Army, and Ohzel to come with him to see Davos, and had Anor and Tomago interrogate a man named Solstace, a supposed friend of Davos, about what he knew of Rook, Davos, Ediva, and the Crier himself.

Scene X – PCs: Shane, Mericho, Nyman, Anor, Tomago, Angus
Just after Ollis came to replace Mericho as Ruby’s babysitter, the graduation party for the peacemaking elves began. There were a few bumps at the start, most notably when the entrepreneur Visai came to present Nyman with an offer and his bodyguards caused Solstace to have Shane escort them out. Also adding to the uncomfortable aura was Elly, who had come to the tavern with the wealthy Lord Cacinos, but had now ditched him for the quirky Harrick Nuthis, the man who used to own the Tall Tail Tavern.
As the party went on, patrons came and went. Shane had to step out for personal reasons, Solstace was visited and interviewed by Anor and Tomago, and the beautiful Dragon Raider Captain Ediva Leon showed up unexpectedly. It turned out that Anor and Tomago’s arrival just after Ediva was clearly a coincidence. As the two soldiers poked and prodded at Solstace, he eventually revealed what they wanted to know. The two approached Ediva and she confessed to wanting to meet with Ohzel and his group, along with Isaac, but claimed she had discovered both Isaac and Ohzel had turned against her. With the interview over, the group went downstairs where Anor and Tomago saw Ohzel waiting for them. He explained that Isaac ordered the three of them to wait at Harrick’s house until he came home…where they would ambush and question him. Ohzel was never told Ediva was at the Tall Tail.

Scene XI – PCs: Shane
Several days earlier Isaac had requested Shane to meet him just outside Davos’ house for a personal matter, but did not give any details. That day, Shane showed up where he saw both Isaac and his eighteen year old daughter, Gwyneth. Isaac said she was there for a family funeral and had traveled all the way from the city of Mooreen on the continent Briom. She bowed and left. With just the two remaining, Isaac became calmly enraged. He said that someone using voodoo had killed his mother. She was discovered with small puncture wounds all over her body and he knew Davos was behind it. He told Shane to wait in the bushes while he went into Davos’ house unwelcome. The two would threaten Davos, once he came home, not to do it again.

Scene XII – PCs: Mericho, Nyman
As the party dragged on into the evening, Davos excused himself and Angus and they left for home. Just after he left, Elly began ridiculing Lekellan and, while frustrated at her, he kissed Mericho at an uncomfortable moment. Solstace, who was unhappy with their presence, had been eying Lekellan’s behavior and almost lost it when he saw this. He knew Elly would be angered and was planning on humiliating him for acting so rash. Meanwhile, back at the table, Mericho pushed Lekellan away, telling him to stop. Lekellan stood up and headed for the bar obviously depressed about the situation. Mericho followed in the hopes of explaining to him that he shouldn’t have acted like that and instead just ignore her sister, who decided to leave with Harrick after seeing the two walk away. But with Solstace standing over them as they talked, Mericho didn’t get much in.
The three were at the center of a loud argument that ended when Lekellan’s friend, Tanit, came in and asked the boy to leave with him. He did, and Mericho went home upset at what happened.

Scene XIII – PCs: Shane, Angus
After leaving the graduation party, Davos came home to discover a missing blue journal of his was sitting on the counter. At first he thought that Angus had taken it, but realized it was the man who had been waiting for him in his own house, Isaac Alvindross. With the help of his bodyguard Shane, Isaac threatened punishment for summoning the murderer Rook to his city and demanded an explanation as to who he was and how to stop him. All Davos gave him was a story of Rook being an evil spirit and his counterpart, Maigalas, was the only way to end his violence. Isaac remained angry and smashed several of Davos’ antiques, including a black vase that the mage cherished most of all. Isaac then had Shane escort them outside
Isaac asked that Shane leave, but when Isaac went back inside the house, Shane turned around and offered help to Davos. Davos said he knew Isaac and would be fine no matter what the Crier did. Shane accepted his answer and went back to the Tall Tail Tavern. To Davos’ shock, Isaac burned his house to the ground and threw him into the slums, demanding he hand over Angus. The terrified Davos stood up and used the ashes that had been inside the broken black vase, the assassin Akulla’s, and claimed to place a curse on Isaac. The Crier laughed at first, but the snake-like orange flame rising from Davos’ now destroyed home shut him up. Then, to Davos’ surprise, a boy he recognized as Maigalas suddenly appeared and said he was waiting for his brother, Rook. Isaac climbed the district’s wall to meet him, but the boy teleported away. Isaac’s fury from this was cooled by a coffinite’s arrow pointed at him (a coffinite is a member of the Coffin Gang). The man holding the bow covered his face as he stood on the roof, threatening Isaac. The Crier could do no more and rode off to the castle while Davos was left to find help in the slums.

Scene XIV – PCs: Anor, Tomago
As Anor, Tomago, and Ohzel sat in Harrick’s home waiting for him to come, they heard two people approach the small house’s front door. It opened and in walked a closed-eyed Harrick and Elly, the woman Anor and Tomago mistook for Ediva earlier. As the smiling Harrick came in expecting to be alone with Elly, the elf lifted her foot forcefully and hit him square between the legs. She then kneed him in the head and was clearly distraught as she headed for the window. She pointed out Davos’ burning house in the distance and the sight instantly set fire to Anor’s normally calm demeanor. He left the house without interviewing Harrick, but was stopped by a destroyed statue on his way to help Davos. Standing next to it were four elves who all bore the symbol of the Coffin Gang. They told Anor to leave but he refused and so did Tomago who joined him at his side.

Scene XV – PCs: Angus, Anor, Mericho, Nyman, Rook (Lee), Shane, Tomago
By the time the commotion at the Tall Tail Tavern settled, not even those inside could ignore the tall, snake-like orange fire rising from the middle class residence district. Solstace, who was never very fond of Davos but hated Isaac quite a bit more, began to rally those there to do something. Though he had no clue of what was happening, Ediva hinted at an assassination attempt on Isaac. The obviously magical burning house prompted Solstace to believe Davos was involved and gathered who was left to head in that direction. Ediva stayed behind, fearing that Isaac may spot her.
Meanwhile, Mericho came upon Anor and Tomago who had been standing by a group of Coffin Gang members, threatening them to leave. Behind her came the mob from the Tavern and just after they showed up, Davos and Angus appeared from behind a corner across the street, panicking and shaking. On the roof tops appeared archers, but no Lekellan or Tanit, who were thought to have joined them. They aimed at Davos and said it was time to kill him and Isaac. The varying groups that had just arrived gathered around the now confused mage. Davos seemed to be in another world, ranting that someone named ‘Rook’ was to come out of the Seer Jaheza’s home, which stood just behind him. Using magic, he drew a door on the wall that mirrored the real one to his right. No one, not even the gang members, seemed aware of what he was talking about. Then suddenly, the drawn door swung open and in the doorway stood the teenager Rook. Davos dropped to his knees, praying and the gang member’s voices became muted. As everyone stood still, the skin of Angus, Anor, Mericho, Nyman, Rook, Shane, and Tomago shined a bright red that was blinding to those that were close to them. It lasted for but five seconds before fading out. The lost Coffinites, no longer hiding their lack of a commander, opened fire and a battle in the streets was waged.

Scene XVI – PCs: Angus, Anor, Mericho, Nyman, Rook, Shane, Tomago
With only one Coffinite getting away and one now in their custody, the confused party huddled outside the Temple of Wee-Jas that the gang had been hiding in. Out of Harrick’s house had come Elly and Ohzel, each getting looks from those who did not expect them. Ohzel and Solstace took command and together, though not intentionally, gathered everyone for an explanation as to what just happened. No one seemed to know why the Coffinites wanted to kill Davos, why Davos unraveled, or why and how he drew the door. Only Davos could possibly have known, and he was now quiet and sullen.
Solstace saw no other option than to gather everyone at his Tall Tail Tavern and wait for the militia to come and investigate. The last thing he wanted was the government thinking any of them were hiding. The meeting at the Tavern revealed little as well…except that Ohzel had been hiding quite a few things. In what seemed unrelated to what just happened, Ohzel confessed to killing Ollis Caith, the son of the recently deceased Stila and Grenar Caith. He claimed he found the boy and killed him fearing what he could have done, had he not acted so quickly. Ohzel said he had his associate, Bulrin, dispose of the body in an illegal manner. When Elly and Mericho begged to know where Ruby was, the boy Ollis would have been babysitting when he was killed, Ohzel said the Virtuous Slayers, a group of mercenaries from the western slums, had him, but he didn’t know why. The two sisters asked for help in retrieving their brother and they received it from all present, except Ediva.

Session I Recap

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