Session IV Recap

It didn’t take long for the party to reach an area in the sewers that was off the map. Unfazed by the mystery, the party made its way through the drenched hallway and down the hundreds of stairs they would discover later had been built under the command of Calan Prael. Though originally hidden behind numerous twisting tunnels of limestone, calcite, and dark metamorphic rock, Calan had made a direct route from the sewers to the Lost City of Lor in the hopes that someday the two would be allies. It was clear on meeting the defenders of Lor, two warlocks who refused to help or give their names, that others did not share his dream. After using force, the party was able to enter the dirty and dank haven of Lor, one of the only underground cities that avoided drow infiltration during the Dark Surge War.

Upon exiting the abandoned mansion that served as the main entrance, the party was greeted by stares from citizens until Prael Kam, a man in green plated armor acting as the cities ruler with Calan Prael missing, met them just outside the cities massive central dome-shaped building known as the “City’s Heart”. As they asked him question about Matena and other girls that may have been abducted, Prael Kam, or the second coming of Prael as he referred to himself, gave no answers. He did, however, invite them to look around the city while he talked with his favorite tavern keeper, Nyman.

Within his chambers inside the City’s Heart, Kam informed Nyman that Prael was controlling the citizens through a hive mind, but with him gone most had free thought. He also informed Nyman that when last seen, the “Master” had been acting odd, that he had stopped using peaceful means of communication. In addition, Kam revealed that he had the blue lightning seen under the skin of the Dark Surge drow flashing inside him. As the man revealed his flesh, Nyman’s own skin lit up red once more and Kam feared his touch. To change the subject, Kam began talking about the city, mainly the plane traveler Sween Dansia and the missing Calan Prael. He then brought Nyman to Calan’s home where he begged him not to go in for fear of what Calan may do if he returned.

Meanwhile, the other party members ventured through the maze of rooms inside the City’s Heart, where they discovered that the doorways were magically altered. Wherever they desired to go, they went, no matter what doorway they used. Some discovered that not all rooms were accessible and these had locked doors blocking them. Freya and Rook did research in the library where they discovered that the city’s name, Lor, supposedly came from the man who defeated Bitana, Aamin’s enslaving god. The book goes on to detail Aamin’s struggle to get the Kedas back after they had been stolen. Much of what was in the book had been unknown and the author, El Davosin, was as well.

The party eventually gathered together at Sween Dansia’s house, a woman several citizens distrusted since she was an outsider. As they entered, the whole city watched them walk around until they were upstairs and out of sight. There, they were ambushed by a horde of waiting orcs who stood no chance and were beaten out of their surprise attack. At the top of the house, which wasn’t actually a solid building (it was walls, floors, and ceilings suspended by chains from the cave’s roof), were five portals and a caged Sween Dansia. When they freed her, she plane shifted away hysterically chanting that she had to leave. The party studied two of the portals and discovered that one went to Arvandor and another went to the Nine Hells.

As they sat, discussing what to do next, strong magic tore the building apart and the party was lowered to the ground where they were greeted with a dozen offended warlocks. The dazed Prael Kam said nothing while one of the unnamed men who had been guarding the city seemed to be in charge. He warned the party of Calan’s power, hinting at who had dazed Kam for his discussion with Nyman. But the party refused to give in to whatever the man wanted and began demanding for Calan. Their intimidation tactics failed to affect him, but another warlock who became frightened called out for Calan to run. The nameless leader had no other choice but to attack the suspicious visitors. Though the party never saw Calan escape, they did see two of his followers jump to the pool below and run for an exit that would take them deeper into the earth. The party hacked their way through the soldiers as they gave chase into the unknown caves that were once inhabited by the demented drow.

After traveling through an abandoned dwarven city, the party finally came upon the soldiers that had escaped, but even they were confused as to where Calan could be. It seemed as though Kam was the only one aware that Calan was missing. The party then went even deeper till they reached a mysterious tunnel with two underground rivers running parallel to each other. Laying in between them, on the thin dry rock that split the water, was an unconscious Calan Prael. They party rejoiced to know they had found the rebellious lieutenant, but their troubles were not over. They were not the only ones who had come for him; rushing up the spiraling path beyond his body was a squad of infected drow determined to take the unfortunate soldier with them. Luckily for Calan, the party was prepared and dealt with them.

Session IV Recap

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