Session IX Recap

When the party awoke the next morning, they were surprised by the massive Mana Savowra hovering over their camp, warning them of Leth Rogg’s claim of the plains they traveled. He also claimed he was an ally of Davos and that Banuji might come looking for them, perhaps to finish them off. He then flew away, and the party continued south to Ollinor. Along the way, they came across a tribe of lizardfolk holding a man with no tongue, Gilda, prisoner. After slaying the savages, the man took them to to his home, which was, coincidently, in the farming community Ollinor.

Hidden behind his home were several orcs, one of which was the Melora cleric Ozuk. Ozuk explained that he and his companions were headed to the Falling Sun Temple of Avandra in order to restore it (in the name of Melora, of course) when they saw a stranger bearing down on them from the city of Aruclam. Frightened, they hid in the tall grass where they were ambushed by gnolls. When they awoke, Gilda and his friends had rescued them and brought the orcs to the village of Ollinor, where matters were getting worse. Though the community once followed the ways of Melora, the high priest of the village, Father Tulm, and turned to the religion of Tiamat in order to avoid punishment by the neighboring blue dragon, Kail. When Gilda brought the orcs into the town bearing the symbol of Melora, they had their tongues cut off and thrown into the wild.

After the story, Ozuk headed back to Aruclam while the party searched around the town for away to reach Kail. They found the town’s lone war hero, Shuyon, who gave them directions as best he could. Though the man was clearly affected by the dark curse, the party trusted his information and headed out into the Cerulean Fields. When they reached Kail’s lair, they realized Kail had a mate with her, but the party was still able to handle both of them without losing their own lives.

Upon returning to Ollinor, the party was faced with two options: find Father Tulm and see what he was up to or continue heading west. The party chose the latter and headed out into the plains. After two days of travel, they reached the Zutan Fortress and were once again back on the trail. That night, they rested inside the stone fortress after being welcomed by its only resident, the shadar-kai, Pluto. Though shadar-kai are notoriously shady creatures, Pluto seemed generally friendly and honest.

At first, he asked if any of the party members were either Angus or Bulrin, explaining that someone was looking for each of them. No one told him that Angus was the young boy and so Pluto assumed nothing. When the party asked why, he said a man by the name of Davos had spent two nights there waiting for Angus and when he didn’t show, headed west. As for Bulrin, Pluto claimed to be working for Har’ka, which raised a few eyebrows in the party. The shadar-kai didn’t fear the mutant and took the offer of waiting on this path for the payment Bulrin owed the genie. He also shared with the group his knowledge of his homeland. the Kroheji Mountains. He told them that the stronghold they were going to infiltrate was not built by drow but by some other race before them. He also implied that the rocks were crawling with the creatures of the Black Lands (the mountains were once cursed to the realm), and that there are enough horrors roaming the cliffs to scar away the native giants.

As the conversation dragged into the night, noises cold be heard outside. It was an orc tribe that was making its way into the fortress. But the clan was no normal tribe; its leader had the dark curse. After the party killed the intruders, they realized that their hobgoblin leader was not a kedasin, but what the Tall Tail Basement referred to as “kasai,” or those that had the blood of Bitana in them. After looking over their victims, the party was once again attacked, but this time it was lizardfolk who charged in. With their destruction, claimed Pluto, came the end of “the Western Plains most dominating force.”

Session IX Recap

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