Session V Recap

After defeating the drow, Lieutenant Calan Prael came forward with what he knew. Born and raised in the Kunassian City of Chaston, Calan appeared to live peacefully with his wife Saddy. But almost a decade ago, before his twin sons, Angus and Tileer, were born, he had confessed to whoever he could of his wife’s troubles. They wanted children, but discovered the unfair truth that she could not give birth. Together, they sought a way, but found nothing, until a mysterious drow came forward offering a ritual that would help them. From behind closed doors, the drow Calan would later discover was the Dark Surge hero, Tileer Ukworn, performed his ritual. When the two emerged, Saddy was pregnant and Tileer left without asking for anything. Shortly after the twins were born, Tileer returned in a much fouler state.

He claimed that Angus’ birth was what he promised and that the other,Tileer, was his own creation. Though that made little sense to Calan and Saddy, the angry drow took the one the two had named after the deceitful elf. Less than a year later, he returned for Angus with absolutely no explanation. Calan, thinking that Angus and Tileer may have been children from an affair, left Saddy and went hunting for the drow Tileer and his two children. His search led him to Aruclam where he joined the military while secretly conducting his investigation. This led him to another soldier, Bulrin, who knew about Tileer and showed him the way to the city of Lor. It was in this city that Calan became infected with the same affliction that was found in the Dark Surge drow. When he found Tileer, the city’s ruler, the drow tied him up and forced Angus to place his hands on him. Horrifying Calan was the immense pain his son’s touch gave him, but even more horrifying was the scars it left all over his body.

Then one day, shortly after his capture, Tileer removed his restraints and left the city of Lor. For unknown reasons, Calan was placed in charged and he now had total control of Lor, a hive mind city. He spent the next several years remaining in the Aruclam Army and secretly bringing the city of Lor closer to the surface in the hopes that Aruclam would except its uncivilized neighbors below.

After the Lieutenant’s story, the party fulfilled a wish that Calan had asked. Though he was clearly infected and his memory and judgment were inconsistent, Calan remembered befriending a dwarf while acting as a soldier. The dwarf was a descendant of a family that lived in the abandoned dwarven city of Dodoma and Calan remembered the route there. The party followed and slew the undead that had taken it over. There was a small chance this could been have a trap, but since Calan was the first infected person they had met who still had some control, the party felt he was sincere.

The party made a quick stop in Lor to look over the portals, then returned to the surface where they separated with different agendas. Rook went to the prison on the edge of the western slums hoping to find Maigalas, only to see him taken away by soldiers. He went inside regardless and discovered Lekellan, Maigalas’ inmate. There, Lekellan explained that he found Maigalas trying to sneak into Kendos, the eastern mage tower. He aided the boy only to find out Maigalas wanted to get caught. Instead of being angry with him, Lekellan befriended him and learned he was working for Har’ka. Though it was a ridiculous claim, Lekellan did have a book Maigalas left behind, which was full of information on the god-slayer. Others returned to the Tall Tail where they discovered Davos had been ordered to report to Polsh, the western mage tower. Though it was the most well fortified place in all of Aruclam, Davos was excited to be living so close to so much information. He was a bit shocked, however, to find out Crier Alvindross had also moved Maigalas into the same tower (Davos thought Isaac feared the two were partners).

As the party followed Davos to his new home. They went to Maigalas’ cell to see if they could question him. After being met with resistance, they forced their way in where they interrogated the rude and disrespectful boy. It was only when the cell door was shut, with Anor being the only soldier Maigalas knew could hear, did he say anything useful. He quickly and angrily, with more emotion then he had shown before, claimed that Rook had attacked Castor in an attempt to kill Anor’s brother, the Head Commander of the Dragon Raiders, Ithil Luthis. He then continued saying Rook was now searching for the basement of the Tall Tail Tavern, said to contain information on the Kedas. Once the guard was able to open the door, Maigalas shut his mouth and the party headed for the Tall Tail.

After helping Solstace run a very busy night at the tavern, the party told him of what they heard about the basement. Solstace became skeptical. In the past, this bar owner may have been in the dark about whether it existed or not, but he clearly denied it now. In fact, he promised to turn over the tavern’s deed if they found it. Since Solstace forbade them from breaking through his floors, the party looked elsewhere for a way in. Shane remembered that the shady and manipulative Bulrin had been seen in a house across the street from the tavern (known as a gang hideout to Solstace and Nyman). The party broke in and found the rotting skeletons of gang members and soldiers of the plane traveling army, Avot. Their reason for being there was unknown, but the party pondered it little once they discovered a hidden room below, inhabited by massive unnatural insects and a defensive homonculus. The party finished them off and headed into a passage that took them into a section of collapsed sewer. Across the earthen debris, the party saw a clearly man made structure: a brick wall sticking out of the dirt. It looked as though the rumors of the basement were true.

Session V Recap

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