Session VII Recap

The next morning the party headed back into the gaping hole behind the Polsh Tower to see what else the Mage’s Guild was hiding. At the very bottom, well below the city, was a guarded statue to the mist dragon Widgon Sjinusoal. After defeating the minions, the party discovered that written on the statue’s base were the names Maigalas Valterra, Matena Gunessa, Heaven Kross, and Mivia Kross. Later, when talking with Crier Alvindross, the party would learn that these were the ones Isaac paid Yulaf to “keep safe.” The party then rested up and headed through the exit and up to the surface. The tunnel’s end was gloomier than its beginning, leading into a room filled with deceased devils and young dragons that were obviously tortured. Suspecting it was wizards who had done all of this, the party was shocked to learn they had exited in the southern elven district.

Upon reaching the surface, the Elven Royal Guard (Previously called the Willon Guard), the Eastern Guard, and the Aruclam Army were all waiting for them, tipped off by the Guild Mages that someone was trespassing on their territory. Though the party might have faced criminal charges, one of the guild mages stepped forward and offered to speak with them if they left the area. The party excepted and agreed to meet the mage, Hadar, in the Tall Tail Tavern across town. The remaining mages anger at what their brethren proposed was palpable.

At the Tall Tail, Hadar revealed he had hidden his Dira’man relationship from Yulaf. Hadar claimed that the mage city Dira’ma had begun a secret campaign to regain control of the mage towers in Aruclam and he was one of its leaders. He explained that because of his proximity to Yulaf, he was able to discover the whereabouts of Yulaf’s spies and has access to the guild’s archives. The negatives to being apart of the guild are his banishment from the Tall Tail’s basement and the Library Temple of Ioun. In addition, it is a law of the Mage Guild that any mage leaving the towers must be accompanied by another for fear of the city’s hate towards them. Unfortunately for the party, Hadar felt his life would be endangered if he said to much and so held his tongue on many of the issues the party brought. He did reveal his theories that Yulaf was neither human, nor did he enjoy dealing with anyone more powerful or smarter than he. Before he excused himself, he requested that they find Ogimbus La’wy’a, a diplomat from Dira’ma who would know the most about the legendary mage city’s plans.

After the meeting with Hadar, the party was greeted by Isaac’s personal advisor, Tasca Vadanquin, and a Heavenly Slayer sent by his leader, Master Kasai Wo’av’Alock. Tasca came to them bringing the map that showed the throne room’s secret entrance. The Heavenly Slayer brought news that Wo’av’Alock wanted to see them. Tasca admitted to being aware of these plans.

Underneath the necropolis, Wo’av’Alock claimed he desired peace with Isaac and that he had concerns about Lor, the city below Aruclam. He said the underground city worshiped Bitana and it could be hard to deal with people like that. He also told the party that the Dira’man God, Zudababez, ordered him to send several new members of the Heavenly Slayers with the party into the throne room, all of which were shadar-kai. The party thought this request was bizarre, especially since shadar-kai have never been known to be trustworthy in addition to them being rookies. So bizarre that Shane decided to follow one and see if Wo’av’Alock spoke the truth. The head shadar-kai, Nabedo, confronted Shane bluntly and said that Wo’av’Alock had been duped into thinking the voice in his head was Zuda, when it was actually Widgon. What made the situation so frustrating for Nabedo was that he was on Widgon’s side and was leading a ruthless charge to assassinate Isaac and hoping the Heavenly Slayers would be blamed. But Wo’av’Alock’s unexpected desire to make peace with Isaac was ruining their plans. He then asked Shane to aid them in their cause, noting that Yulaf was the only one powerful enough to rule the city. Shane would not be swayed.

The next morning, the party headed for the secret entrance without telling the shadar-kai, hoping to avoid any problems they may cause. Their plan was in vain, however, after they discovered the shadar-kai had already entered the passage ahead of them. The party headed in nonetheless and found the gray skinned nuisances waiting below the throne room. Nabedo gave them one last chance to join their cause and when they did not comply, the two sides fought. The party, after a hard fought battle, defeated them and headed up to see what secrets Isaac held.

Once in the throne, the party saw how much trouble they were in. Isaac had told no one that he had been paying Yulaf to take several high profile people and hide them, only to realize the previous day that the mage was giving them to the evil mist dragon Widgon Sjinusoal. On the wall behind the empty throne was a simple black painting of a dragon hand ending with eyes where the claws would normally be, the symbol of Widgon. Joining Isaac in the room was the black dragonborne, Sebai, and the ambassador from Briom, Banuji. As the party gathered in the center, Isaac revealed the Kedas of Hate that King Heaven Kross III had brought with him on an unreported travel to Har’ka’s realm. Unfortunately it was on this mission that the King had become infected and Isaac was unable to discern what happened.

This was not the only piece of dark information they were told. Banuji had been spending the last twenty four hours researching everything he could find on Widgon for an attack Isaac was planning, one that involved the entire party and other powerful warriors. But this was a secondary concern compared to what the Kedas meant. Isaac began to confess to just about everything he could. He admitted to meeting with Yulaf privately in the Kendos Tower about the city’s concerns, that he wanted Angus because of Davos’ interest in him, and why whoever was the one Yulaf sent for the King (under Isaac’s orders) left the Kedas of Hate.

After discussing this and the admittance of Banuji that he did kill Akulla, the attention turned to the party’s future. They accepted Isaac’s request to head north to the Demon’s Wing to battle Widgon, but not until soldiers sent to Castor for dragon-slaying advice returned. So, since that would take two weeks, Isaac asked that they head west to the last drow stronghold on Makarin’s surface and end their reign above the underdark. The party relented.

Session VII Recap

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