Session XV Recap

As the day carried on, more and more people filled the castle’s hall in preparation for the gala Crier Isaac Alvindross was hosting before the Blood Titans and Dark Wind left for the Demon’s Wing. Dozens of military personal from all over the world, all siding with Isaac despite what their own kingdoms thoughts, made appearances. Hidden within them was a cloaked Rimac, seeking the Alu’nom Shane. When he found the man, the two headed to Rimac’s destroyed home where he showed his friend the remains of enchanted soldiers sent to search for the Kedas in his own basement. Though they were typically powerful servants of Yulaf, these ones had been sent by Yulaf’s second in command, the tiefling Glimzil.

Written in the laws of the Mage Guild by Yulaf himself, the second in command was not allowed to be in the same city as Yulaf, so the creature hid out in Troyb, a city the party would pass through on their journey. Rimac explained to Shane that when Yulaf interviewed him several weeks ago, it was obvious he had a personal matter on his mind, one that did not apply to the guild. Though Glimzil may have sent these soldiers in Yulaf’s name, it is more likely that the tiefling sidestepped his distracted master. Rimac then told Shane that his Heavenly Slayer friend, and uncle of Shane, Ganda, had been hiding in Fortress Giant Grave to avoid punishment by Isaac and the man he stood up against during the Forsaken Raider invasion three years ago, Wo’av’Alock. Ganda would know much more of the treacherous Glimzil then he.

Later that night, while the party dragged on, Rook, Shane, and Angus all found themselves diving deeper into the mystery of Banuji and Rimac’s past. Isaac and Banuji sat in the throne room during the party, trying discover why Isaac had been seeing the ghost of Akulla stalking him. Meanwhile, Rimac, who sat at the Tall Tail, told the party that Akulla was still alive. Shocking as it was, Rimac quickly skipped over the moment saying that he wasn’t going to tell anyone where the assassin hid and that no one was to relay this information to anyone. Who knows what Banuji or Isaac would do if they found out Rimac had been keeping yet another secret.

But that didn’t explain what Isaac had been seeing. If Akulla was alive, what was the curse Rimac put on Isaac the night he lit the poor angel’s house on fire? Rimac claims he was going to use the fire to scare Isaac, but was interrupted by Maigalas’ appearance. Rimac’s theory was perhaps Isaac was having memories of his childhood. Rimac had materialized one of the child ghosts that followed him so that it could distract Isaac while he studied the boy’s possessed father, Holden. But no solid answers were coming into the light and so the group dispersed and said good night.

The next morning, the party headed north along a relatively smooth trail. The only disturbances were from Dark Wind group (NPCs). The tension from the night before, and perhaps from years of knowing each other, spilled over during the day and they constantly squabbled. The PCs did their best to calm the group til they reached Fortress Giant Grave. Led by a plump, green dragonborn named Lazom, a Major in the Aruclam Army, the soldiers welcomed the party. Inside lay a defeated white dragon who showed obvious signs of the dark curse. Major Lazom explained that the smell of the rotting body had attracted starving giant clans and they were attacking regularly every night. The party agreed to help set traps and aid the fight for at least one night.

While the party prepared, Major Lazom approached Shane, acknowledging he knew the man was related to Ganda. Lazom said they were letting him hide in the secret room below the fortress and took Shane below the cells to his uncle. Ganda, overjoyed to see Shane alive, asked to hear what was happening in the city; Shane told him, holding back almost nothing. The shock of the party’s discoveries took a while to set in, but when it did, Ganda’s thoughts remained unchanged. Though not a member of the Mage Guild, Ganda knew of the rebellion that Hadar spoke of. He knew Glimzil was the leader, and though the man may have had some heartless tendencies, his goal of overthrowing Yulaf was correct. Ganda urged Shane to, when he returned, convince Wo’av’Alock that they must strike down Yulaf so that Dira’ma could rule the towers again (Hadar, Glimzil, and Ganda all claim to be from Dira’ma, Yulaf does not). Shane tentatively agreed and then left the secret room to help fight the oncoming giants.

As the giants marched forward into the light of the fortress, the rocks from the catapults, the arrows off the soldiers, and the spells of the mages rained down unforgivingly, slicing their numbers. By the time they reached the structure, a forth had died and the rest were exhausted. The two parties split up, protected the entrances, and made mince meat out of the monsters.

Session XV Recap

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